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7 yards + 1 foot = 22 feet

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Q: What is 7 yards plus you foot equal too?
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What is 195 feet equal too in yards?

65 yards

How many yards equal too 144 inches?

144 inches=4 yards

What does too plus too equal?

it equals for

What is 100 meters equal too?

100 meters is 109.36 yards.

What does 6 yards equal too?

18 feet or 216 inches.

What is 4065 plus 2803 plus 2954 equal too?

Please get a calculator.

What is 4 plus 4 equal too?


How many inches equal 2 yards?

About 72 inches, because 2 yards equal 72 inches, and there are no other ways too divide it.THIS ANSWER HAS BEEN APPROVED BY OTHERS AND RECOMMENDED THE MOST.

What is negative 5 plus 8 equal too?

The answer is 3.

Why 1 plus 1 equal 2?

its too complicated for you to understand

Whats 2 plus 2 too?

The mathematical addition problem 2 plus 2 is equal to 4.

What does cow plus grass equal too?

Milk. But it can also equal beef production, growth, health, and even fertility.

What is three eighths plus one fourth equal up too?

What is What is three eighths plus one fourth?

What is the answer to 3 plus 5 and 10x 9y?

3x-9=9 what does x equal too?

What is 1 4x plus 3 4?

Fourteen X plus thirty four would equal too three. This is a math problem.

How wide is 150 cm?

150 cm is equal too ;1500mm1.5m0.0015km59.055 inch1.64 yards4.95 ft

What is 160 cm measurement equal too?

160 centimetres is equal to 1.6 metres or 1,600 millimetres, it is also equal to 62.992126 inches, 5 feet 263⁄64 inches or 0.0174978128 yards.

What does 45.16 milliliter plus 114.7 milliliter plus 0.835 milliliter equal too?

It is about 1 teaspoon short of 3/4 cup liquid measure.

Is 6 foot 9 too tall?

No it's not too tall 7 foot and up is too tall.

How much is 35 plus 35 plus 35 plus 35 plus 35 equal too?

The answer is 175. Simply add the numbers together arithmetically as you would for the problem two plus two. To check your work, a calculator is the best option.

What is parenthese 9.8 plus x parentheses times 2.8 times equal 62?

Sure it could equal sixty two if you want it too. But more than likely it does not.

Would you measure a sailboat by feet or yards?

Its measured in feet. Yards are used for distances too long.

is 1500ml less than, greater than, or equal too 1.5L?

it is equal too =)

What is two plus too?

Two plus too equals two also.

What is linear feet equal too in yards?

The conversion between feet and yard are given .On finding the relation we get as follows .by conversion table we get . now ,we know that 1 yard =3 feet .