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80-90 percent of protein = -10

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Q: What is 80-90 percent of protein?
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Feed 1 has 22 percent protein by weight and Feed 2 has 60 percent protein by weight. How much of each by weight do you mix together to end up at a fix percent of protein like 30 percent 27 percent ect?

You copied this directly from your homework, didn't you?

What is the percent of casein in goats milk?

Both goat milk and cow milk protein are comprised of roughly 80 percent casein protein and 20 percent whey protein. One cup of goat's milk contains almost 9 grams of protein.

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Balance diet chart for 12 years old child?

A balanced diet chart for a 12 year old child should be made up of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. The recommended daily allowances are 33 percent carbohydrate, 33 percent vitamins and minerals, 12 percent meat protein, 15 percent milk protein and 7 percent fat and sugar.

How much protein should cows eat?

The rule of thumb for the amount of protein beef cattle need is as follows:The 7-9-11 Rule: Seven percent protein for mid-gestating cows, 9 percent protein for late-gestation cows, 11 percent protein for lactating post-calving cows.The 14-12-10 Rule: 14 percent protein for feeder calves weighing 550 to 800 lbs, 12 percent protein for feeder calves weighing 800 to 1050 lbs, and 10 percent protein for feeders weighing 1050 lbs to finish weight. Similar can be said for young cattle (heifers and bulls) being raised as replacements.For dairy cows, it gets more complicated, as we have to factor in digestable intake protein [DIP] (also known as rumen degradable protein or RDP) and undigestable intake protein [UIP] (also known as rumen undegradable protein or RUP, or by-pass protein) along with crude protein content of a ration, or rather, divide crude protein into RDP and RUP. Typically, though, we should expect to feed around 10 to 12 percent protein in the form of RDP to dairy cows.

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What is percent recovery in protein purification?

When you use methods such as Solvent precipitation, you precipitate a protein molecule but this protein molecule normally does not have the same structure as that of protein in a solution (for example disulfide bonds do not connect the same amino acids) and it is not easy to change this to that of original structure even when the same solution is present. The percent of recovery means the percent that these denatured protein molecules can gain the same structure that they have in the solution before precipitation.

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