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Exactly as in the question 842

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Q: What is 842 in Hindu Arabic system?
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Related questions

Which numeral system is in common use today?

It is the Hindu-Arabic numeral system.

What is the Hindu-arabic numeral of dccxlii?

500 + 200 + 50 - 10 + 2 = 742

What is 192 in Hindu-Arabic numerals?

192 is a Hindu/Arabic number. The Hindu/Arabic number system is the system used for writing numbers in most countries of the world.

Does the Hindu-Arabic system have only 9 symbols?

Yes, Hindu-Arabic system have only 9 symbols.

How do you use Hindu-Arabic numeration system?

hindu-arabic is basically your normal number system - 123456789 etc

Why did they create Hindu Arabic numeral?

For the same reasons that we need a numeracy system today which is based on the Hindu-Arabic numeral system that was a lot easier than the Roman numeral system that it replaced.

What country of origin created Hindu Arabic?

the hindus created the hindu-arabic system

Write 1460 in Hindu Arabic?

In Hindu-Arabic, 1460 is 1460. The Hindu-Arabic numeral system uses the standard 0-9 digits.

How is the tally system and the Hindu ARABIC system alike?

for me if you add how many hindu arabic you write it can be in number on roman numerals,

How many 4-digit numbers are there in the hindu-arabic numeration system?

There are 9000 4-digit numbers in hindu-arabic numeration system

What is the Hindu-Arabic of 100?

100 is a Hindu/Arabic number, that is the system which is used in most countries of the world.

What is the Hindu Arabic system of MMCCLV?

The equivalent Roman numerals of MMCCLV in Hindu-Arabic numerals are 2255

What is Hindu Arabic numerals of 74?

74 is the Hindu-Arabic representation of the number seventy-four. The term Hindu-Arabic defines the system, not the symbols; the symbols are independent of the system. The Hindu and Arabic nations have their own symbols, as do many other regions around the world. However, the Latin symbols are internationally recognised as the standard form of numeric notation, regardless of the system.

What are the differences and similarities of numeration system to Hindu Arabic?

There is a difference in the numeration system of Hindu Arabic compared to other societies numeration system. The Hindu Arabic system uses symbols to represent the numbers that are lower than ten, while other societies use numbers instead of symbols.

What are Hindu Arabic systems?

There is nothing called as Hindu Arabic system. The numbers 1-9 and 0 that we use today were called Arabic numerals because they were introduced to Europe by Arab traders. This number system was invented by the Indians who followed the Hindu faith and hence they are sometimes also referred as Hindu number system.

What is 192 in Hindi-Arabic numerals?

Hindu/Arabic numbers are the system of numbers which are used in most countries of the world. 192 is a Hindu/Arabic number.

Was the Hindu-Arabic society able to add?

Yes because they used the same system of numeracy that we now use today which is the Hindu-Arabic numeral system.

Where did Hindu Arabic start in?

The Hindu-Arabic numeral system evolved in India and was brought to Europe by the Arabs of North Africa.

Why was the roman numeral system replaced with the Hindu Arabic system?

Because the Hindu-Arabic numeral system contained a nought figure which made arithmetical calculations a lot easier to work out.

Where do you find hindu arabic number system and roman system?

The Hindu-Arabic system of numeracy is what we use today that is 0, 1, 2, 3, 5 .... etc. The Roman system of numeracy was used before the introduction of the Hindu-Arabic system in the Middle Ages and consisted of 7 symbols each having different values.

What is 12629 and Hindu Arabic numerals?

12,629 is already in Hindu-Arabic numerals because it is the numeracy system that we now use today which replaced the Roman numeral system in the Middle Ages.

Who invented the Hindi Arabic number system?

Hindu Arabic numeral system was invented by Indian mathematicians.

What is the translation of 6789 in Hindu Arabic?

The number 6789 is written in Hindu/Arabic numbers, which is the system used in most western countries.

Who introduced the Hindu-Arabic?

That would be the Hindus. The Western Arabs introduced the system to Europe, hence the term Hindu-Arabic numerals.

Why is your numeration called Hindu-arabic?

Because the system was developed by the Hindu-Arabians.