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Q: What is 87 percent as a fraction so working out?
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Related questions

What is 87 percent as a fraction?

87% Can be written as 87/100 then you would usually simplify but this fraction cant. So 87% =87/100

What is 87 percent written as a fraction?

A percentage is a fraction with a denominator of 100, so 87 % is 87 / 100 or in words , eighty seven one hundredths

What is 43.5 percent as a fraction?

x% as a fraction is always x/100 so 43.5% = 43.5/100 = 87/200 = 0,435

What is 97 percent as a fraction show your working out?

97% = 97/100 so in fraction it is 97/100 and is also in its lowest form

What is 87 in fraction simplest form?

87 is an integer and so there is no sensible way of writing it as a fraction or mixed number.

What is 87 percent of 105?

Just observe the meaning of the word percent. Per cent. This means per hundred. So 87 percent means 87/100. Now 87 percent of 105 is 87/100 times 105. ie 87 x 105 / 100 = You can finish the simplification.

How do you change a Fraction Percent to a fraction?

Percent means "in one hundred". so x% as a fraction is x/100 .

What is the fraction for negative 4.35?

4.35 = 435/100 = 87/20 so -4.35 = -87/20

What is 11 percent in fraction?

"percent" means "out of 100", so 11% as a fraction is 11/100

How do you turn 15 percent in to a fraction?

To turn a percent to a fraction, you take the percent and divide it by 100. So 15% is actually 0.15.

What is 37 percent as fraction?

To make a percent into a fraction you just need to divide the percent by 100. So, 37/100 would be 37% expressed as a fraction.

How do you change a percent with a fraction into a fraction?

Ahh... A percent with a fraction? Are you thinking decimal?? Anyways, 1% is 1/100. 10% is 1/10. 25% is 1/4. 50% is 1/2. 75% is 3/4. 100% is 1/1. Get it? Okay now add the fraction in the percent to the fraction that the percent is equivalent to. So if you had like 57% and 3/10, you would do this. 57/100 + 3/10. Okay, so you see how the denominators aren't the same? Find the GCF. (Greatest common factor.) So, just do this: 57/100 + 30/100. (I multiplied 10 to 100 in 3/10, and then you have to do the same with the numerator.) So the answer would be 87/100. You cannot simplify this fraction.

How do you convert percent to a fraction?

A percent IS a fraction- a fraction of 100 (cent means 100) So 25% is 25/100ths- or simplified- 1/4.

How do you change a percent into a fraction?

One way to change a percent into a fraction is to take the percent number and but the denominator as 100. For example if the percent number was 43 then that would be your numerator and 100 would be your denominator so it should be 43/100. Percent means out of 100 so your denominator should be 100 unless you simplify your fraction.

What fraction is equivalent to 35 percent?

Percent or per cent means per 100 so 35 percent as a fraction is 35/100. We can simplify this fraction to 7/20. So 7/20 or 35/100 is equivalent to 35 percent.

What is 25 percent of 87?

Well 25% of anything means you have to divide it by 4. So you divide 87 by 4 and get 21.75.

How do you write 87 as a fraction in word form?

87 is an integer, not a fraction and, although it may be written in fractional form as 87/1, that is not really something that can be expressed in word form. It could, of course, be expressed as the equivalent fraction, 174/2 and then written as one hundred seventy-four halves, but that is so contrived!

What is the fraction for 5 percent?

If you received a 5 percent on a test that just means for every 100 questions you got 5 right so a fraction of 5 percent would be: 5/100 so if you simplify that fraction you get --> 1/20

What is125 percent as a fraction?

Percent is a fraction of 100, so 125% is 125/100. Which reduced is 5/4 or 1 1/4.

Which fraction is 25 percent?

Percent means hundredths, so 25% = 25/100.

80 percent as a fraction?

80% as a fraction could be 4/5 or 8/10 and so on.

What is 8 percent asa fraction and decimal?

As a fraction, it is 8/100 so, as a decimal it is 0.08

62.5 percent as a fraction?

62.5 percent is .625 which is 625/1000 which can be reduced of course.So it is 5/8 as a reduced fraction.

What is seven percent as a simplified fraction?

percent means "per hundred" so 7 percent = 7/100

IS 87 percent BIGGER 0.97?

Yes because 0.97 is a% so 97 is bigger 87% * * * * * The answer is somewhat confused. 87% = 0.87 and so is NOT bigger than 0.97.