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8x to the second power is 64x2

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Q: What is 8x to the second power?
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8x to the second power times 3x to the second power?

8x to the second power times 3x to the second power (8x)2 + (3x)2 = 64x2 + 9x2 = 73x2 is one possibility, except the problem called for multiplication which would make the answer 64x squared times 9x squared = 576x to the fourth power It could also be read this way: 8x squared times 3x squared equals 24x to the fourth power. I wish my computer would do those cool little twos.

Greatest common factor of 8x and 12x to the second power?

the gcf is 4x

How do you factor 64x to the second power minus 80x plus 25?

64x2-80x+25 = (8x-5)(8x-5) when factored

How do you evalueate -6 to the second power -8 to the second power?


What is the factored form of 4x to the second power plus 8x plus 4?

4x2 + 8x + 4 = 4 (x2 + 2x + 1) = 4 (x + 1)2

What is the answer for 3x3-20x2-8x?

-31-8x if the first and second x is a multiplication sign.

What is -72x to the third power -8x squared?


What is the GCF of 16x to the 2nd power and 24xy?


What is the GCF of 4y 8x to the third power?


What is 2x x 4x x x?

2x times 4x is 8x squared- then that times x is 8x to the power of three.Mathmatically represented as 8x^3

What is -40x to the 6th power- 48x to the 5th power-48x to the 4th power over -8x to the 5th power?

-40x**6 / -8x**5 = 5x -48x**5 / -8x**5 = 6 -48x**4 / -8x**5 = 6x**-1 5x+6+6x**-1 OR 5x+6+6/x OR (5x**2+6x+6)/x

What is the power factorization of 8x?

2^3 times x

What is the greatest common factor of 8x and 36x to the third power?


What is the greatest common fact of 8x and 14x to the 3rd power?


What is number is 25 percent of 8x?

25 percent of 8x = 2x25% of 8x= 25% * 8x= 0.25 * 8x= 2x

The sum of two numbers is 18 and a half The first number is 4times the second What are the two numbers?

If you say the second number is x, then the first number would be 8x.Therefore x+8x=189x=18x=2(second number)8x=16( first number)

What is A to the second power plus a to the second power?

2a to the second power. If you combine the like terms, (a to the second power + a to the second power), it would be the same as 2a to the second power.

What does 4 to the negative third power equal?


What is 8x plus x?

8x + x = 9x

What is 8x - 12?


What is -8x-9 plus -18?

-8x-9+(-18) -8x-9-18 -8x-27 is your simplified answer

What is the GCF of 8x 16x3?

8x is.

4x to the 4 power and y to the 7 power divided by 8x to the 5 power and y to the 3 power?

(4x4 + y7)/(8x5 + y3) cannot be simplified.

What is 7-8x equals 21?

7-8x = 21 -8x = 21-7 -8x = 14 x = -1.75

8x-6y equals 18 and 4x-6y equals 6?

8x - 6y = 184x - 6y = 6from the first equation:6y = 8x - 18substitute this value in the second equation:4x - (8x - 18) = 64x - 8x + 18 = 6-4x = 6 - 18-4x = -12x = 3Solve for y :8 x 3 - 6y = 1824 - 6y = 186y = 6y = 1