What is 94.985 estimated?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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One possibility is 95

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Q: What is 94.985 estimated?
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What is 345 estimated?

Estimated is like taking a guess as to what the answer would be. Example: 597 + 635 estimated 600 + 600 = estimated guess 1200 with the correct answer being 597 + 635 = 1232 For estimated 345 it could be estimated at 300 or 400

What is 56 estimated to?

56 is estimated to be 60.

Which is correct - 'estimated as' or 'estimated to be'?

'Estimated to be' is more commonly used. In a different situation you could use 'estimated as', it is not entirely grammatically incorrect. For example, "that ski jump is estimated as the highest recorded ski jump in history."

What number will 359 be estimated to?

Estimated to the nearest tens, 359 is 360. Estimated to the nearest hundreds, it is 400.

What you 8.5-4.2 estimated answer?

what is the closes estimated answer to 7.6

How metal reinforcement estimated?

by using can be estimated......

What is the estimated digit in 0.0782m?

the estimated digit in 0.0782m is?

What is 4.5 best estimated to?

It would be estimated to 5.

What is the number 17 estimated to?

17 is estimated to 20.

Is 1290 estimated to 1200?

No. It would be estimated to 1300.

Can you give me a sentence using the word estimated?

It was estimated that 200 people died in the earthquake. The total attendance had to be estimated. The estimated value of the painting was set at one million dollars.

What is the estimated number of 16.36 estimated in quarters?

65.44 quarters