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9x2 - 6xy + y2 - 81

= (3x - y)2 - 92

= (3x - y - 9)(3x - y + 9)

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Q: What is 9x squared minus 6xy plus y squared minus 81 factored as?
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What is 9x squared minus 6xy plus y squared minus 81?

The answer? There is no "answer" There cannot be an answer because they are all different. In order to make calculations, the variables have to be the same. x squared, xy, y squared are the variables, and none of them match. Therefore your "answer" must look like this: 9x squared - 6xy + y squared - 81. Hope I Helped :D

Factor 9x squared minus 6xy plus y squared minus 81?

9x2 - 6xy + y2 - 81 = (3x - y)2 - 81 = (3x - y - 9)*(3x - y + 9)

3x squared plus 6xy plus 3y squared?

3x2+6xy+3y2= 3(x2+2xy+y2)= 3(x+y)2

Factor 9x squared - 6xy plus y squared - 81?

Type your answer here... 81

Factor 3x squared plus 6xy plus 3y squared?

(3x + 3y)(x + y) = 3(x + y)2

How do you factor 2x squared plus 6xy?

2x2 + 6xy = 2x (x + 3y)

What is 2xy plus 6xy?

2xy + 6xy = 8xy

Does 6xy-8xy equals -2x squared y squared?

No, it equals -2xy. lrn2math

What type of problem is -6xy plus 0 equals -6xy?

Totally pointless

What is 6xy plus 12y simplified?

6xy +12y = 6y (x+2)

What is the greatest common monomial factor of 3x3 plus 6xy plus 9x2 plus 12x2y2?


How doy you factor 6xy plus 3x?

3x(2y + 1)

How do you factor the polynomial 2y plus 6xy?

2y(3x + 1)

Answer for 3y2-2y plus 6xy-4x?

3y2 - 2y + 6xy - 4x = y(3y - 2) + 2x(3y - 2) = (y + 2x)*(3y - 2)

What is the factor of 9x2-6xy plus y2?

(3x - y)(3x - y)

How do you Factor aยฒ-xยฒ-9yยฒ plus 6xy?

(a + x - 3y)(a - x + 3y)

Which expression is equivalent to 12x2y-6xy-x plus 2xy-9x2y plus 5x?

3x2y - 4xy + 4x

What is 9x-6xy?

9x-6xy = 3

What is the simplified form of the quantity 15 x y squared over x squared plus 5x plus 6 all over the quantity 5 x squared y over 2x squared plus 7x plus 3?

((15xy2)/(x2+5x+6))/((5x2y)/(2x2+7x+3)) =(15xy2/5x2y)*(2x2+7x+3)/(x2+5x+6) =(3y/x)*(((2x+1)(x+3))/((x+2)(x+3) =(3y(2x+1))/(x(x+2)) =(6xy+3y)/(x2+2x)

What can make people think 2x plus 3y plus x equals 6xy?

Very few of them were as good in math as you were.

What is the Factor 3x2 plus 6xy plus 3y2?

(3x + 3y)(x + y) or 3(x + y)2

How do you simplify x2 plus 6xy - 27y2?

By factorisation: x2 + 6xy - 27y2 = (x + 9y)(x - 3y).

Is 6xy a monomial?

yes 6xy is a monomial. A+LS

How do you factorise -9y-6 6xy 4x?


What is 4x square minus 6xy?

The value of this expression depends on the values of x and of y. Since you have not bothered to share that information, it is not possible to evaluate the expression.