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The circumradius of a right angled triangle would be equal to half the length of its hypotenuse.

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Q: What is Circumradius of a right angled triangle?
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How do you name a triangle by its angles than its sides?

An acute angled triangle, right angled triangle or obtuse angled triangle.

A scalene triangle can also be an what triangle?

a scalene can be a right-angled triangle or a obtuse angled triangle or a acute angled triangle depending on the angles of the triangle.

What triangle has a right angle?

The right-angled triangle.

What are the six kinds of triangle?

acute angled triangle,right angled triangle,obtuse angled triangle,isosceles triangle,equilateral triangle, scalene triangle

What is special about a right-angled triangle?

a right angled triangle is special because it is the only triangle that has a right angle with a dregree of 180.

What is an obtuse angled triangle?

An obtuse angled triangle is wider than a right angled triangle. It has 180 degree angles.

What is the Area of a right angled triangle?

1/2*base of triangle*height(the perpendicular)=Area of right angled triangle

Does a right-angled triangle have any equal sides?

A right-angled triangle can have equal sides, but does not have to. A right-angled triangle with two equal sides CANNOT be an equilateral triangle. A right-angled triangle cannot be an equilateral triangle.Divide a square along the diagonal, and you are left with two right-angled triangles with two sides of equal length.

Does a right angled triangle have all equal sides?

right angled triangle does not have all equal sides

What is a triangle having a right angle?

A right(-angled) triangle

When is the orthocenter inside on or outside of the triangle?

Inside: acute angled triangleOn: right angled triangle Outside: obtuse angled triangle.

What is the circumradius of an isosceles triangle?

To find the circumradius of an isosceles triangle, the formula is:1/8[(a^2/h)+4h]in which h is the height of the triangle and a is the base of the triangle.

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