What is D 6?

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Glucose 6 phosphate is regenerated at the end of oxidative phase of pentose phosphate pathway- how it happens explain

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Q: What is D 6?
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d - 6 (or x = d - 6).

If 90 divided by d equals 15 what is d?


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'6 F of a D' probably means '6 faces of a die' (singular of dice).

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the quotient of a number plus 6 and 3 is d+3=d+6

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6 Numbers on a Die

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6 degrees of separation

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The denominator in a fraction is always the number on the bottom. I always remembered it by thinking of the D in denominator and the D in the word down.

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You've given the answer yourself. d=6 and f=3.

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I N D E E D= 6 letters

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1/2 + 1/3 + 1/6 (ie 3/6 , 2/6, 1/6). Also 413/527, 101/527, 13/527 or any other combination a/d, b/d, (d-a-b)/d

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6 is H a D?

6 is half a dozen

6 D of S?

6 Degrees of Separation

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6 faces on a dice

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Assuming its 100 % efficient, then f * d = f * d, then 2 * 6 = 4 * d so, (2 * 6) / 4 = d, then 3 = d so d = 3 metres