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Delivery reliability relates to a firm's ability to supply the product or service on or before a promised delivery due date

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Q: What is Delivery reliability?
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Related questions

What is reliable delivery?

Delivery reliability relates to a firm's ability to supply the product or service on or before a promised delivery due date

What application can be delivered using UDP?

UDP as a transport protocol is used in situations where speed is more important than reliability in the delivery of the packets. Therefore, any application that requires speed as its primary delivery could use UDP. This type of delivery is not checked for consistency or reliability, so you wouldn't use it if the delivery has to be reliable.

Which protocol offers guaranteed delivery and is connection oriented?

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is used when data reliability is needed since it is connection oriented and guarantees delivery.

What is a reliable protocol?

A reliable protocol is one that ensures reliability properties with respect to the delivery of data to the intended recipients

Which tires last the longest under normal delivery driving?

Goodyear tires are noted for there long life and reliability.

All transport layer protocols are concerned with reliability?

I'm gonna say they most definitely are NOT all concerned with reliability. UDP is a transport layer protocol that provides connectionless, unreliable data delivery services.

What OSI model guarantees reliable message delivery?

The Transport layer which handles segments is responsible for End-to-End connections and reliability. Problems at this layer can negatively impact reliable message delivery. Although the Transport layer is supposed to be where reliability is provided, problems at the Network layer where packets are handled can also significantly affect reliable message delivery if the path determination and/or IP (logical addressing) are messed up.

What is the primary responsibility of the office of electricity delivery and energy?

Work with businesses and universities to advance the efficiency and reliability by which electric power is supplied to the nation.

How do you measure reliability?

Reliability is not measured. Reliability is an estimation, typically probablistic.

What is logistical components?

This component deal with basic services required for the delivery of good as per normal and unforeseen requirement, fixed replenishment cycle time, zero defect delivery, prompt reverse logistics system for early recovery from defective delivery point to point information along with consistency reliability in their services.

What are some advantages of using the BNSF railroad?

Advantages of using the BNSF railroad include cost savings, fast delivery of goods, the opportunity to deliver to places otherwise unreachable by standard methods, the chance to have reliability in your delivery service and a decrease in carbon footprint.

What are three characteristics of network reliability?

Redundant hardware provides enhanced reliability. Fault tolerance is a measure of reliability. The longer the MTBF, the greater the reliability.

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