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six and five twelves?

Not too sure been awhile with fractions.

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What is eight minus two thirds?

Eight minus two thirds would be seven and one third.

What five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth?

Five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth is equal to 1.04

What is two thirds minus five eighths?

One Fourth

What is eleven twelfths minus one fourths?

One fourth is three twelfths. So eleven twelfths minus three twelfths is eight twelfths, which is also two thirds.

What is 3 and one thirds minus one fourth?

three and one twelfth

What is two quarters minus two thirds?

Two quarters minus two thirds is negative one sixth. Two quarters is six twelfths, and two thirds is eight twelfths. Six twelfths minus eight twelfths is minus two twelfths or minus one sixth.

What is nine minus one third?

Eight and two thirds

What is eight and three fourths minus by two and one fourth?

Eight and three fourths minus by two and one fourth equals six and one fourths (6.5).

What is eight and two fourths minus by two and one fourth?

The answer is six and one fourth

What is two-thirds minus one-fourth?

Five-twelfths or 5/12

What is eight and one fourth minus 5 and one half?


What is eight minus one-third?

seven and two-thirds

What is two thirds minus one fourth a cup of oil?

5/12 of a cup of oil

What is one minus two thirds?

One minus two thirds is one third.

What is the answer to eight minus two thirds?

7 1/3 (seven and one-third)

What is one fourth multiplied by negative twelve minus eight?


What is 2 minus 1 thirds?

2 minus one third is 1 and two thirds.

What is six minus two thirds?

or 5 and one third

What is one sixth minus two thirds?

Two thirds is four sixths. One sixth minus four sixths is minus three sixths, which is also minus one half.

What is eight and five sixths minus four and one fourth?

4 and 7/12

What is zero minus one and two thirds?

negative one and two thirds.

What is two sevenths minus one fourth?

To do this, first we convert to twenty-eights. That gives us eight twenty-eights minus seven twenty-eights which equals one twenty-eight.

What is 6 minus 3 and two thirds?

6 minus 3 and two thirds = 2 and one third.

What is six thirds minus one half?

Six thirds is two. Two minus one half is one and a half. 2 - 0.5 - 1.5

Is two thirds more then one fourth?

yes two thirds is 66.6666 repeating one fourth is 25 percent

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