What is MTBF and MTTR?

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Mean Time to Repair and Mean Time Between Failure:
They are Maintenance and Reliability predictors.

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Q: What is MTBF and MTTR?
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What is the relation between MTTR and MTBF?


What is the relation between mtbf mttf and mttr?


What is MTTR and MTBF explain?

Mean Time to Repair and Mean Time Between Failure:They are Maintenance and Reliability predictors.

What is comparative analysis?

Selects/Develops Baseline Comparison System (BCS) that represents characteristics of New System. Provides basis for support planning and readiness analysis. (How will system be used, maintained; (MTBF, MTTR, ALDT)

What MTBF means?

mtbf = mean time between failure

How would a person calculate MTBF?

MTBF is an abbreviation for "mean time between failures" and is often used by companies to try and improve. A person can calculate the MTBF by dividing the sum of operational hours by the number of failures.

What is the relationship between reliability and failure rate?

MTBF = 1/failure rate R(t) = e (-t/MTBF)

The MTTR of a system depends on both the reliability and maintainability of its subsystems because?


Full form of MTBF?

Mean time before failure

IS MTBF part of consideration if we want purchase a new equipments?

Yes. It stands for mean time between failure so the greater the MTBF, greater will be the longevity or lifetime of the equipment between two successive failures

What is the difference between price and cost?

From a Seller's perspective: Price is what you sell something for, cost is what you paid for it or what it cost to produce it. The difference is referred to as margin or gross profit.From a Buyer's perspective: Price is what you initially pay for an item. Cost is what it takes to maintain the item until it reaches Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) also referred to as Life Expectancy (see UL rating to get MTBF). Example: Company Apurchases a surveillance system (whose DVR and Cameras have an MTBF rating of 6 years) for a price of $50,000.00. Company B purchases a surveillance system (whose DVR and Cameras have an MTBF rating of 18 years) for a price of $75,000.00. Based on the MTBF ratings Company A will have to purchase their surveillance system three times for an actual cost of $150,000.00 over the 18 years. Then you factor the time value of money on your savings for your final evaluation on Price versus Cost. Assuming a 6% interest rate over 18 years you would have a total of $75,000.00. Company A's Cost is $25,000 more (not counting the company labor to coordinate the system change) So it is important to evaluate MTBF in order to make the most economical purchase.

What are three characteristics of network reliability?

Redundant hardware provides enhanced reliability. Fault tolerance is a measure of reliability. The longer the MTBF, the greater the reliability.

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