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with mean and standard deviation .

Once standardized, , the test statistic follows Standard Normal Probability Distribution.

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Q: What is Normal of probability distribution?
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Related questions

Is normal distribution a discrete probability?

No. Normal distribution is a continuous probability.

Is normal distribution also a probability distribution?

Yes. When we refer to the normal distribution, we are referring to a probability distribution. When we specify the equation of a continuous distribution, such as the normal distribution, we refer to the equation as a probability density function.

Why if a probability distribution curve is bell shaped why is this a normal distribution?

A bell shaped probability distribution curve is NOT necessarily a normal distribution.

When can you say the distribution is considered normal?

When its probability distribution the standard normal distribution.

Does a normal probability distribution include a bimodal distribution?

No, the normal distribution is strictly unimodal.

Distinguish between binomial distribution and normal distribution?

Normal distribution is the continuous probability distribution defined by the probability density function. While the binomial distribution is discrete.

Is standard normal distribution a probability distribution function?


The total area of a normal probability distribution is?

The total area of any probability distribution is 1

What are the characteristics a standard normal probability distribution?

I apologize my question should have read what are the characteristics of a standard normal probability distribution? Thank you

What discrete probability distribution can be approximated by a normal dsitribution?

If X has any discrete probability distribution then the sum of a number of observations for X will be normal.

An area of a normal probability distribution represents?

The number 1. The area of any probability distribution equals 1.

The probability density of the standardized normal distribution is?

The probability density of the standardized normal distribution is described in the related link. It is the same as a normal distribution, but substituted into the equation is mean = 0 and sigma = 1 which simplifies the formula.

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