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19.7392088 is also = to pi for instince infinaty=pi = never tnding so the formlea infinity=pi.

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Q: What is Pi squared plus Pi squared?
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What is pi times pi divided by pi plus pi minus pi times pi?

the same as pi squared, which is 9.86960440109

Pie squared plus pie squared divied by 2?

if you mean PI squared + PI squared / by 2 then that is.... 4.9298 solved on paper ... BUT if you mean what you said, the answer is YUMMY!

Surface area of cone?

(pi times radius squared) plus (pi times radius times slant).

What is the answer of pi squared?

pi squared = approximately 9.8696044

What is the result when pi is squared or cubed?

pi squared is 9.869604401... pi cubed is 31.00627668

What is pi squared to the one half power?

it is pi..... wait no it isnt.....pi squared to the one half power is not pi...

Integrate sqrt of 10000 divided by pi minus x squared plus sqrt of pi plus one twentieth and show work?

It's about 34 and a third

Is pi squared rational?

No because pi still remains as an irrational when squared.

What is the volume of a cylinder 5 inches high with a 1 inch radius?

the volume of a cylinder is (pi)r squared times the height, same as a circle but plus the height so the answer here would be ((pi) x 1) squared x 5. or 5 pi squared

What is the surface area of a cylinder with 4m in diameter and 6m in height?

The surface area of a (closed) cylinder equals the surface area of both bases (the top and bottom), i.e. pi x radius squared (first base) + pi x radius squared (second base), plus the lateral surface area (the surface area of the curved side), i.e. circumference (pi x diameter) x height. Inserting the numbers: SA = pi x (2 m.) squared + pi x (2 m.) squared + pi x 4 m. x 6 m. = pi x 4 m. squared + pi x 4 m. squared + pi x 24 m. squared = 8 x pi m. squared + 24 x pi m. squared = 32 x pi meters squared.

What is pi 12 squared?

It is: 144*pi

How do you find out the area of a circle?

pi times the radius squared pi r squared

What is the formula for cone?

The formula for volume is 1/3 Bh ( 1/3 pi times radius squared times the height.) The formula for surface area is 2 pi r h plus 2 pi r squared.

1 squared plus 1 squared plus 2 squared plus 3 squared plus 5 squared plus 8 squared equals?


What is the solution to pi plus the squared hypotenuse of a 90 degree right triangle?

It is not possible to answer the question because the squared hypotenuse can have any positive value.

How do you determine the circular area of a lawn?

pi radius squared. (radius squared, then multiply by pi.)

5a squared plus 3b squared plus 2a squared plus 4b squared?


What is the square root of pi times pi?

The square root of pi times pi is simply pi. Because pi*pi=pi squared, the squared and the square root will cancel each other, leaving just pi.

What is the Squared route of Pi?

Square root of Pi is about 1.772

What is negative pie squared?

The same as pi squared, which is roughly 9.86960440109

What is e plus pi plus pi plus pi plus e plus e plus e?

About 20.29791

What does pi squared mean?

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its radius and equals approx 3.14. Therefore pi squared is 3.14... x 3.14... = 9.8696.

What is the formula for volume of a cylinder?

the formula for a cylinder is pi *radius squared*height

What is formula for pi r squared?

The area of a circle = pi*r2

Is the square root of pi squared positive and negative pi?