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Q: What is Sophie Germains sisters name?
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What was the name of Sophie germains father?

It was Ambroise-Franҫois Germain.

What are Sophie Germains families names?

this website stinks!!

Were Sophie germains children girls?

yes, they were. They were for over 100 years.

What was Sophie germains personalitly?

shes evil,creepy,and she absolutely HATES EVERYONE

What was Sophie germains accomplishments?

Sophies's main mathematical accomplishment was Germain's Theorem.

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What was Sophie Germains parents names?

Her parents were Marie-Madeleine Germain and Ambroise-Franҫois Germain

Who was important in Sophie germains life?

her family and her teachers and espesically gauss the teacher which brought her into school

What was Sophie germains greatest acomplisment?

she was the first woman to win a award and becoming what she wanted to be a mathematicians.

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