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10/7 minus 3/5 = 29/35

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Q: What is Ten sevenths minus three fifths?
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What is negative five sevenths minus five sevenths?

negative ten sevenths

What is three sevenths minus ten seveneths?

It is: 3/7-10/7 = -1

What is two fifths multiplied by ten sevenths?


What is seventeen fifths minus twenty seven fifths?

Negative ten fifths.

What is three fifths times ten?

Three fifths times ten is 6.

What is the fractional part of two-fifths of five sevens?

two fifths of five sevenths is ten thirty fifths. Multiply the numerator and the denominators.

What is four sevenths plus six sevenths?

Ten sevenths or one and three sevenths

What is ten elevenths minus four fifths?


What is thirteen and ten seventeenths minus five and five sevenths?

937 ----- or 7.87394958 119

What are three fifths of ten?


What is ten sevenths divided by two fifths?

7/10 divided by 2/5 is 1.75 or 1 3/4

What is ten wholes divided by three fifths?

Ten wholes is ten - period. Three fifths is 60% or .60. Ten divided by .60 is 16.666, or more familiarly, sixteen and two thirds.

What is the product of three fifths of ten?


What is ten and three fifths as a decimal?


What is ten times three fifths?


What is three elevenths minus ten elevenths?

Three of anything minus ten of the same thing leaves negative seven of them.

What is the mixed number for ten sevenths?

The Mixed Number for ten sevenths is ...

What is six ten in simplest form?

Three fifths

What is three fifths of 50?

One fifth is ten, so three fifths are 30

What is the percentage of ten and three fifths?

103/5 = 1,060%

What is eleven and three fifths minus ten and nine tenths?

113/5 - 109/10 = 58/5 - 109/10 = 116/10 - 109/10 = 7/10

What is ten minus three and three eights?

6 and 5/8.

What fraction is equal to three fifths and has a denominator of ten?


What is ten and a half minus two and three foruths?

It is seven and three fourths.

What 4 5 fifths of ten?

Four fifths of ten is 8.