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CRH308A is the fastest train and it's speed is 302.8mph

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Q: What is The fastest train speed in the world?
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Which is the fastest train of the world?

The fastest train of the world is JAPAN JR-Maglev and its speed is 581 kms. per hour.

What is the fastest train in world and its speed?

The fastest train in the world (July 2010) is the Chinese Shanghai Maglev Train. In test runs, it achieved a speed of 311 mph, (501 km/h).

The speed of the fastest train you n the world?

121mph I think

What is the fastest Japanese transportation?

The fastest means of transportation is the Shinkansen or the famous bullet train which is also the fastest high speed train in the world.

Is the Class 43 the world's fastest diesel train?

The British Rail Class 43 is the world's fastest diesel train with a speed of 148 mph.

What is the fastest french train?

The TGV or "Train Grand Vitesse" (High speed train) is the fastest train in France and until recently was the fastest passenger train in the world. I t is the equivalent of the Euro star in Britain.

Why is the bullet train famous?

The bullet train is famous because of it's speed. This train is the fastest in the world. It was created by the Japanese.

What is the fastest train in France?

The French train with the highest top speed is the LGV Est high-speed line with a top speed of 574 km/h, making it the world's fastest train. The LGV Est's normal speeds are closer to 320 km/h.

Which is the second fast train in India?

The world's second fastest train is the TGV V150 with a speed of 357mph. It was made in France

When was the fastest train the world invented?

The fastest train in the world is currently made by China. The CRH302 can run at up to 300 miles per hour. The Japanese bullet train and the French TGV were pioneers in high speed rail.

What is the fastest train in the world 2010?

The the Japanese "shinkansen" also known as the "Bullet Train" is known as the fastest train in the world reaching an operating speed of 300 km/h(186mph) and maximum speeds of 581 km/h(361mph)

What is the fastest speed recorded for a train?

214 mph

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