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japanese bullet train

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Q: Fastest train in japan
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What train is the fastest moving train?

The Shinkensen bullet trains in japan

What are the fastest trains to date?

Some of the fastest trains in the world are Belgium's HSL-1, China's CRH380A, Germany's Transrapid TR-09 , Japan's Shinkansen train, and Shangai's magnetic levitation (maglev) train.

What is the fastest model train?

The fastest train is the well-known magnet train.

Information on bullet train?

it was invented in 1964. fastest train on earth. it is located in honshu , japan. It was made by technisions, mechanics, inventors, and engineers in Tokyo, Japan. It was the fastest train in the world until china beat the record at 481 kilometers per hour. Japans bullet train go's up to 381 kilometers per hour. Keep reading, Japan is making a bullet train that goes up to 500 kilometers per hour. (A world record) It's not just any train. BUY THE BULLET TRAIN NOW

What makes Japan a famous country?

List of following things that Japan is famous for: Mount Fuji Anime Oragami Sushi Haiku Bullet train- the fastest train in the world So if there is any more things that are famous about Japan, free to edit this answer.

Where was the bullet train made?

In Japan. Japan and France are now competing against each other to see which country can build the fastest bullet train. France is currently holding that record with its bullet train at 574.8 km per hour. Isn't THAT fast?!

What is the fastest train in trainz 2006?

The Transrapid (Maglev) train is the fastest in trainz 2006. The fastest train on ground on trainz 2006 is the TGV.

What is the fastest french train?

The TGV or "Train Grand Vitesse" (High speed train) is the fastest train in France and until recently was the fastest passenger train in the world. I t is the equivalent of the Euro star in Britain.

Which is world fastest train?

T.G.V. in France is the fastest train 574.8 km/hi

Is the bullet train the fastest train?


What is the fastest Japanese transportation?

The fastest means of transportation is the Shinkansen or the famous bullet train which is also the fastest high speed train in the world.

What Country has the fastest train in the world?

yes the train will go 500 mph Correction added - There is no conventional train capable of exceeding 310 miles per hour today for passenger service. Test runs have been made much higher, but no train has run even close to 500 mph, the technology simply does not yet support such high speeds.