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Q: What is To evaluate an expression you the variable with a number?
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When you replace the variable with a number and perform the operations you blank an expression?


Replacing each variable with a number in an expression and simplifying the result?


What is an algebra expression you replace each variable with a number?

evaluation, evaluate.

How do you evaluate a math expression?

The evaluate a algebraic math expression you first must substitute a number for each variable. Then you must perform the operation in the correct order.

To evaluate a variable expression you must do what to values for the variable?

You must substitute values for the variable.

What do you need to be given to evaluate an algebraic expression?

A variable

How do you evaluate the expression P86?

If it is a variable-name, then just fetch the value of the variable.

What is the meaning of evaluate in maths?

to evaluate an algebraci expression replace ech variable with a number. then follow the order of operations to dimply the expressio. Hope that helped :)

What do you call replacing a variable in an expression by a number?

A variable is a letter that represents a number. An expression that contains at least one variable is called variable expression, also called algebraic expression. A variable expression has one or more terms. A term is a number, a variable, or a product of numbers and variables. For example,3(x^2)y + 2xy + x - 7 is a variable expression, where you have 4 terms.When working with variable expression, you often use the substitution principle:If a = b, then a may be replaced by b in any expression.The set of numbers that a variable may be represent is called replacement set, or domain, of the variable. To evaluate a variable expression, you replace each variable with one of its values and simplify the numerical expression that results.Example: Evaluate the expression 2x - 4y for x = 5 and y = -9.Solution:2x - 4y= 2(5) - 4(-9)= 10 + 36=46

How do you evaluate variable expressions?

To evaluate a variable expression, replace all the variables with numbers and simplify the resulting numerical expression. 3m for m = 9 3(9)=27

What must you do to evaluate a variable expression?

you have to undo what ever's being done to the variable :p

How do you find a specific numerical value for an algebraic expression?

you have to deduce the variable and evaluate the expression.