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Q: What is Z more than twice and number w?
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How do you write Nine more than twice a given number z?


How would you represent using z as the variable represent five less than twice a number?

If the number is 'z', then five less than twice the number is ( 2z - 5 ).

The sum of three numbers is 26 The second number is twice the first and the third number is 6 more than the second Find the numbers?

Number one = x Number two = y Number three = z x + y + z = 26The second number is twice the first. y = 2x The third number is 6 more than the second. z = y + 6 z = 2x + 6 x + 2x + (2x + 6) = 26 5x = 20 x = 4 Number one = 4 Number two = 8 Number three = 14

How do you write twice a number z?


What is 359 more than z written in a algebraic expression?

what us the algebraic expression for 359 more than Z

What is the algebraic expression twice a number z?


How can an element or atom can have more neutrons than protons?

in chemistry we look at the atomic mass:(symbol A) and we look at atomic number:(symbol Z) Z is the number of proton. you do math: A-Z=number if that number is bigger then Z, neutrons are more than protons remember: A=protons+neutrons

The quotient of 8 and twice a number z?


What is the number of 63 more than 7 times a number is the same as 6 less than 11 times the number?

z is the number. I think the question might be ".. 7 times the number...? So 63+7z =11z-6 or 4z=57 or z=57/4 . If not, please be more specific.

Does greater mean addition or multiplication?

It means neither: it is a comparison of two values.Y is bigger than X ifY = X + Z where Z is a positive number,Y = X - Z where Z is a negative number,Y = X * Z where Z is a number which is more than 1, or,Y = X / Z where Z is a number between 0 and 1.

What is 359 more than z in an algebraic expression?

359 more than z is z plus 359 which is: z + 359

Is 359 more than z?


What is 359 more than z?


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What is the relation between two numbers in math?

There are all sorts of relations possible. equality, inequality, less than, greater than, x times (where x is some number), y more (where y is some other number), z to the power (where z is yet another number), and so on.

A number is 8 more than 32 Find the number Let n number?

w=3,z=9. z2+4(w+5)=

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359 more than z?

359 more than z = 359 + z it all equals...HAM hehe edited by Me

How do you find the number z such that the propotions of observations that are less than z in standard Normal distribution is 0.8?

z = 0.84 approx.

WHAT IS 23 LESS THAN A Number z?

its 8

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z can be any number

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