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segment circle

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Q: What is a 13 letter geometry term?
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What are some geometry terms that begin with the letter B?

Base of a trapezoid is a geometry term. It starts with the letter b.

What is a math term that starts with the letter G?


What is a geometry term that starts with j?

There are no geometry terms that start with the letter J. Geometry deals with the spatial relationships of objects.

What is a mathematical term or word that starts with the letter w?

in geometry, width

Is there a geometry term that starts with the letter X?

X-axis and x-intercept start with x.

What is informal geometry?

It is an education term that mean it meets the states criteria for geometry.

What geometry term starts with e?

elliptic - a kind of non-Euclidean geometry.

What are some geometry words that begin with the letter G?

One word I know is glide reflection.There is also the term: great circle

What is an undefined term of geometry?


What are the undefined geometry?

a term with no dfinition

What is a geometric term?

A geometric term is a term of geometry.

What is the term of geometry for Point lines and planes?

Point, line and plane ARE terms from geometry.