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Q: What is an undefined term of geometry?
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What are the undefined geometry?

a term with no dfinition

Why are the 3 undefined terms in geometry are undefined?

I am prepared to define any term in geometry. If there is some term for which you would like to have a definition, just ask.

In geometry what is an undefined term with only location?

a point

What undefined geometry term has one dimension?

A point.

Why are they called undefined term of geometry?

because bakla ka

What are the three undefined term in geometry?

point , line and plane

An undefined term of geometry?

an angle whose measure is between 90 and 180

What is an example of a undefined term?

In Euclidean geometry point, line and plane are not defined.

What is an undefined term in geometry?

It is a very basic concept which cannot be defined. Undefined terms are used to define other concepts. In Euclidean geometry, for example, point, line and plane are not defined.

Describe each term of 3 undefined terms in geometry?

There are typically three words in geometry that are undefined. The first is "point." A point has no dimension, length, width, or thickness. The second is "line." A line has no thickness and goes on indefinitely in both directions. The third undefined term is "plane." A plane has no thickness and has no boundaries.

What curved surface compares to which undefined term in Euclidean geometry?

a plane

Why are undefined terms in geometry called undefined?

the "building blocks" of geometry(which are the point,line and plane)are so-called undefined because, technically,they can't be described without the aid of words which are undefined themselves.