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a 220 long, is a british nomenclature for a 22 long rifle caliber

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Q: What is a 220 line?
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What is the average cost for 220 line to be installed?


Can you add a 220 line to your 150 amp panel?


What is the line voltage for house in Bangladesh?

220 to 240 V

How many outlets can you run one 220 line?

220 volt circuits are normally designated circuits. They are designed to run only one 220 volt outlet.

How can you convert a 120V box to 240V for AC?

It can't be "converted", you have to run a 220 line and have a 220 breaker and plug installed.

What is meant by 220 KV in 220 KV three phase Power Transmission line?

KV is the abbreviation for kilovolts. The prefix kilo means thousands, so 220 kv means 220 kilovolts, or 220,000 volts.

In a 4 wire three phase system the phase voltage is 220 what will the line voltage be?

It will be 220 x the square root of 3

How deep to bury a 220 amp eletrical line?

please tell your line voltage (like 230V,400KV,)!

Why does 220 volt line put out 250 volts?

A 220 volt line may put out 250 volts because this specification features voltage that varies between 220 and 250 volts. In other countries, the electricity varies in voltage between 110-120 volts.

How connect a transformer 380 volt 3 pH to 220 volt mono pH?

any one of the three line to neutral is 220 volts

Do you measure amps on 220 volt electric motor by measuring one line or both and combining total of the two?

In a single phase 220 volt electric motor just measure one line. That already represents your line current. That line current is equal to your total current circulating in your motor.

What is the time line from 2200 BC to AD 220 for Ancient China?

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Will a 220 volt light fixture work on a 110 line?

Yes, it won't be bright.

Twin moose acsr for 220 kv ehv line current carrying capacity?

220 KV lines used in Kerala have a capacity of 880 Amps

How do you wire 220 volt from 2 110 volt lines?

I think you need a step-up transformer to make 110 volt line into 220 volts.

Feel Like God is the tag line for which company?

feel like god is d tag line of bajaj avenger 220

On a 220 volt circuit where the white wire is common how many volts would the red wire be?

ANSWER FOR THE US: The red wire should have the same as the black, which is 120V to ground, or 120V to neutral. Without the neutral, you will have 240V line to line.

What is the phone number of the Colonial Williamsburg Job Line in Williamsburg Virginia?

The phone number of the Colonial Williamsburg Job Line is: 757-220-7713.

What is the lcm of 110 and 220?

LCM of 110 and 220 is 220.

What is the decimal form of 220 220 and 8203?

220*220 = 48400.

What will happen when 220v motor is connected to110v supply?

KW = (sqrt 3) X Line voltage X Line current X Power factor Line current is proportional to Line voltage for same KW load so if 220 motor is connected to 110 v the Line current will increase. see Example: A 5 KW motor is connected to 220 V & then 110 v ( assume power factor is 0.850) Current ( I with 220 v) = (5 X 1000) / (1.73 X 220 X 0.850) = 15.5 Amp Current ( I with 110 v) = (5 X 1000) / (1.73 X 110 X 0.850) = 30.9 Amp

What is 33percent of 220?

33% of 220= 33% * 220= 0.33 * 220= 72.6

What is 0.55 percent of 220?

0.55 percent of 220 = 1210.55% of 220= 55% * 220= 0.55 * 220= 121

How get 220 volt single phase from 380 volt 3 phase?

In a wye connection 220 volts is the line to neutral voltage of 380 volts. 380/1.73 = 220. The voltage of 220 volts will appear between L1 - N, L2 - N and L3 - N. All of these connections are classified as single phase connections.

What is 4 percent of 220?

4% of 220 = 4% * 220 = 0.04 * 220 = 8.8