What is a 350 bored 4.00 over?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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its called nothing because you wouldn't have a ENGINE left if you bored it 4" over

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Q: What is a 350 bored 4.00 over?
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I thought a Chevy 350 bored 060 over was a 383?

No a 383 is a 350 with a 400 crank. A 350 bored 60 over is 361 cubes.

350 bored 40 over-383 crank?

i have a 350 bored 40 over and 400 crank, and been told its a 383 stroker, what is it?

What cubic inch is a sbc 400 bored 30 over with a 350 crank?


What size is a 350 bored 60 over?

a Chevy 350 bored .060 over would be 360.4 cubic inches

How many cubic inches is a 383 bored out 60 over?

A 383 Chevy is a 350 block with a 400 crank bored .030 over. If it's not bored oversize it's a 377 (Not the only way to make a 377). If it's .060 over, it's a 388. Most builders agree that you cannot safely bore a 350 block .090 over, but if you did the resulting engine would be about 394.

What is the comparison between a Chevy 383 and a 454?

A 383 is a .030" over bored 350 small block with a 400 crankshaft. The 454 is a big block.

How do you make a 383 stroker from a stock 350?

Have the 350 bored to 30 over with the pistons to match, stock rods, and a 400 crankshaft can be used but they have bigger rod journals. the 383 mod is so popular though that a special crankshaft with the 400 stroke and the 350 journals can be bought real cheap

What is a 400 bored 30 over?


What is a Chevy 350 bored 30 over?


What is the size in cubic inches of a Chevy 350 bored 060 over with 350 crank and 400 heads?

Why 400 heads? They are notoriously bad flowing heads without much modification the engine would be about 360 cubic inches, but the heads have nothing to do with the size of the engine.

What is a Chevy 350 bored 40 over called?


What is a 350 bored 80 over?

If you bored a 350 0.080 over It would over heat / run HOT. There would be very little cylinder wall left. You can't even BUY 0.080 over pistions.