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A cuboid, by definition, has exactly six faces. So a 50 sided cuboid would be called an impossibility.

There are many configurations that can give rise to a solid object with 50 faces. For example: a pyramid shape with a 25-sided polygon as base or a prism with 48 sided polygons at each end. There are lots more possibilities and each would have a different name.

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Q: What is a 50 sided cuboid called?
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50 sided polygon?

what is a 50 sided polygon called?

What is a 50-sided shape called?

It is called a Pentacontagon.

How is a pyramid and a cuboid different?

A pyramid is usually a 4 sided figure but a cuboid is not. Also, the 4 sided pyramid all the faces are triangle but the cuboid has 2 square faces and 4 rectangle faces

What is a 50 sided polygon called?


What is the name of a 6 rectangular sided shape?

A cuboid or rectangular prism.

What is a 40 sided shape called?

I reckon, if a 70 sided shape is called a heptacontagon, and a 50 sided shape is called a pentacontagon, then a 40 sided shape might be called a quadracontagon, or something along those lines.

What do you call a 50 sided shape?

this shape is called a Pentacontagon

What is a shape called with50 sides?

A 50-sided polygon would be called a pentacontagon.

57 sided shape?

The name for a 57 sided shape is derived by combining the name for a 50 sided shape with the name for a 7 sided shape. A 57 sided shape is called a pentacontaheptagon.

What is a 50 sided polygon?

The name of a 50 sided polygon is Pentacontagon.

What does cuboid mean?

Cuboid means an object that is more less cubic in shape. A cube is a six sided shape that has six faces that face one another.

What a rectangular prism called?

It is called a cuboid.

What is the name of a 50 sided polygon?

the name for a 50 sided shape is a Pentacontagon;] ! xo

What geometric shape is one of the faces of a cereal box?

A cereal box is a six sided rectangular polyhedron called a rectangular cuboid. Each of its faces has the shape of a rectangle.

What 3d shape has 6 faces 12 edges and 8 vertices?

A six-sided polyhedron is a cuboid. From the parameters given, it could be a cuboid, a cube, a parallelepiped, a frustum, or a rhombohedron.

What is 50 sided shape?

Did you mean the name for a 50 sided shape? If yes it is a pentacontagon. C.J

What is a rectangle called when its in 3-D?

it is called a CUBOID

Are all the sides of cuboid equal?

They may not be. Consider a rectangular cuboid. This is a solid six sided object that does NOT have all sides equal. Some cuboids certainly do have all sides equal.

How many sides are in a 50 sided polygon?


What is a fifty sided polygon?

The name of a 50 sided polygon is Pentacontagon.

What is the name of 50 sided shape?

A Pentacontagon is a fifty sided shape ...

13 sided polygon to 50 sided polygon?

13agon and 50agon

What net has 6 rectangles is it called cuboid?

A cuboid has a net containing 6 rectangles.

Is a regular cuboid called a cube?


Is the Kaaba in Mecca a cube or cuboid?

Although often called a cube, in geometric terms it is actually a cuboid.