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Q: What is a A person who measures land called?
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What do you call a person who measures and examines land?

This person is called a surveyor.

A man who measures and maps land?

A person who measures land is a surveyor; a person who maps land is a cartographer.

What does surveyor mean in a sentence?

When used in a sentence a surveyor means a person who surveys (measures) land.

What is a ruler what's it used for?

Its either a measuring device that usually measures in inches or centimeters.. or it is a person in charge of people or land who "rules" the land

What is the name of someone that measures land to determine size and borders?

A surveyor is the job title of a person who measures the borders of a piece of land to determine the size. The surveyor can also draw a map of the property to determine the legal border.

What are the letters called that are used as security measures on sites and can only be read by a real person?

The letters are called "CAPTCHA".

What is a person called that measures vision?

An optometrist is a specialist in measuring the accuracy of vision.

What are some of the measures to improve land patterns in India?

dont know :P

A person who helps settle a new land is called?

A pioneer

The process of measuring property to determine the boundaries of a person's land is called what?

That is called surveying.

What do people who are called poachers do?

A poacher is a person who simply doesn't own land. The person is also claiming someone else land without permission or formal consent. A poacher can also claim land from a person who already owns that piece of land.

What instrument measures agricultural land?