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All obtuse angles is impossible- the sides wouldn't connect. If it has one (the most it could have), it is classified as obtuse _______ (name of polygon ex. triangle, hexagon, etc)

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Q: What is a Polygon with no acute or right angles?
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Related questions

What polygon has two acute angles?

A right angle triangle

If a polygon is a right angle then the two acute angles are complementary?


Three sided polygon with one right angle and two acute angles?

A right triangle.

Is there a minimum number of acute interior angles that any polygon can have?

Although a triangle must have at least two acute interior angles, a square has four interior right angles and no acute angles. And as regular polygons have increasing numbers of sides, their interior angles get larger.

What is a shape with only acute angles?

The only polygon with just acute angles is an acute angled triangle.

What is a polygon that has 3 acute angles?

An acute triangle.

What is the definition of acute polygons?

An acute polygon is one whose interior angles are all acute. Only a triangle can be an acute polygon.

What contains acute interior angles?

Any polygon can contain acute interior angles.

What does a polygon with three angles with two of the angles being acute look like?

A right angle triangle or an obtuse triangle

What polygon has no parallel sides and all acute angles?

A triangle having all angles less than 90 degrees is a polygon having no parallel sides and all acute angles.

Why is an acute triangle not a regular polygon?

If its acute angles are different then it is not a regular polygon but if it has 3 equal acute angles of 60 degrees then it is a regular equilateral triangle

What kind of angles are found in a polygon?

A polygon can have any kind of angles: acute, right, obtuse and reflex. An angle can have any value in the range (0, 360) degrees excluding 180 degrees.

What polygon has 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles?


What is a polygon with 3 sides 2 acute angles and 1 right angle?

a right triangle

What is a three sided polygon with three acute angles?

A triangle.

A four-sided figure with 4 equal sides and no right angles?

A four-sided polygon with all sides equal and no right angles would be a rhombus. A rhombus consists of two acute angles and to obtuse angles.

What polygon shape has no acute or obtuse angles?

A square

What shapes have acute angles?

A polygon, that is, a plane area bounded by any number (>2) of straight lines can have acute angles.

Are acute angles and right angles different?

Yes, acute angles and right angles are different. An acute angle is less than 90 degrees - a right angle is exactly 90 degrees.

Can a right triangle have two acute angles?

A right angled triangle can only have two acute angles.

What polygon has five sides and two right angles?

An irregular pentagon is a polygon that has five sides and two right angles. A regular polygon on the other hand does not have right angles.

What polygon have two obtuse and two acute angles?

It could be any irregular polygon with 4 or more sides (and 4 or more angles).

The acute angles of a right triangle are?

In a right angled triangle the two other angles are acute.

How many acute angles are in a right triangles?

In a right triangle there is only one acute angles.

What are the acute angles of a right triangle?

In a right angled triangle the two other angles are acute.