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The only polygon with just acute angles is an acute angled triangle.

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Q: What is a shape with only acute angles?
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What shapes contain only acute angles?

A triangle is the only shape that can have only acute angles inside it.

Which shape has only two acute angles?

"z" has two acute angles a triangle can have 3 acute angles but also will have a angle >= 60degrees acute (also note for every acute angle a obtuse angle is formed the sum of the obtuse and acute angle will = 360) because of this a arrow is the only shape with two acute angles and 1 obtuse

What shape has two acute angles and no line s of symmetry what is the shape called?

If the shape has 3 angles in all, where two of the angles are acute, then the shape is a scalene triangle.

Is there a shape with 2 right angles and 2 acute angles?

Yes, a trapezoid can have two right angles and two acute angles. Its only requirement is that it has two parallel sides.

What shape has four acute angles?

Any shape with 4 acute angles must have more than 4 sides. Any shape with more than 4 sides can have 4 acute angles (but doesn't have to).

What shape has consecutive sides of different length and no acute angles or obtuse angles?

I only know it's not a polygon

Which shape has 3 acute angles?

An acute angled triangle

What is the name of the Quadrilateral with only right angles?

A quadrilateral is any shape with four sides; angles can be acute or obtuse. A perfect square is the only quadrilateral with only right angles.

Shape with two acute angles and four equal sides?

A rhombus is a shape having two acute angles and four equal sides.

What shape can contain no acute angles?

A square has no acute angles. Acute angles are defined as having less than 90 degrees. A square has four 90 degree angles.

How many acute angles does a cone have?

A cone has no acute angles because a cone is a 3D shape and not a 2D.

What shape has 3 acute angles?