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If I'm not mistaken its 2 of the same type of integer ( negative negative/positive positive ) equal the same type of integer EX: -1 - (-1)= -1 and if the integers are opposite ( positive negative/negative positive ) then its the sign of the higher number EX: -2 - 6 = 4

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Q: What is a Rule to subtract Integers?
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What is the rule for subtracting integers?

To subtract integers u use kcc aka keep change change on the sighn and then u subtract normaly.

What is rule in unlike sign in integers?

Subtract and the Keep the sign of the one that has more

How do you do addition integers?

addition and subtract in integers

What is the rule for subtracting integer?

While solving problems with large integers, don't always rely on the number line. Using integer arithmetic we can solve the problem of large integer. We need a rule for subtracting integers and the rule is: Rule: To subtract an integer, add its opposite.

Why is it important to add and subtract integers?

It is important to add and subtract integers: to get a new integer value in mathematics .

What is the rule to subtract integers?

signs are different.... Find the difference.... KEEP THE LARGER SIGN signs are the same... COMBINE AND KEEP THE SIGN

What can you do with integers?

you can add subtract multiply and divide them.

What is the rule for adding two integers that vary in sign?

Subtract the number with the smaller absolute value from the other. Give the answer the sign of the number with the larger absolute value.

Why is it important to learn how to subtract and add with different integers?

Because otherwise you would only know how to subtract and add with the same integers. Not a particularly useful skill unless just those integers turned up!

What is the rule of addition of integers?

negetive integers are not closed under addition but positive integers are.

What are the four operations on integers?

add, subtract, multiply, divide

How do you find the difference between integers?

Subtract the smaller from the larger.

What is the rule on integers?

Rule 1: The term is integer, not interger.Rule 2: The answer depends on what you want to do with it or them.

How do you add and subtract integers with similar sides and dissimilar sides?

Integers do not have sides so the question does not make sense.

The sum of three consecutive integers is 150?

49+50+51=150 General rule for this kind of question: divide the number you're trying to obtain (150) by the number of integers you're allowed (3), and then simply add one and subtract one until you have the specified number of integers.

When adding two opposite integers?

Subtract the number you first thought of.

How do you subtract integers on a number line?

take away from number places

How do you add and subtract positive and negative integers?

+2 + -1= 1

What grouping symbols exponents multiply and divide add and subtract?


How do you subtract integers like and unlike sign?

what's 8+15=

When you subtract integers do you always move left on a number line?

No.If you subtract a positive number, you move to the left.If you subtract a negative number, you move to the right.

What is the rule in mulitplying integers with unlike sign?

One rule is that the product of two integers with unlike signs will have a minus sign for the product.

How do you add and subtract integers?

first we used the rule KCC keep the first number ,change the sign and second number.Rules for addition of singed number :Same signs Add and keep the sign;different signs Subtract and keep the sign of the biggest number

What is the rule in dividing integers?

The rule in dividing integers is to divide the absolute values. Two positive integers or two negative integers equals positive product. If one integer is positive and the other is negative, the product is negative.

What is the rule in multiplying integers?