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a cylinder is the "hole" where the piston slides up and down. the more cylinders the vehicle has the more power and the smoother the engine will run.

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Q: What is a car cylinder?
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Can a 6 cylinder car jump a 8 cylinder car?


Can a 4 cylinder car jump a 6-cylinder truck?

can you jump a 6 cylinder with a 4 cylinder

What is the ignition cylinder housing on a car?

The ignition cylinder is the part you turn your key in to start the car, this is in its housing.

What does the cylinder do on a car?

The gas is shot into the cylinder where it is compressed, then ignited. This causes the cylinder to move up and down within the cylinder block. As the cylinders move they turn the drive shaft which then provides power to the car.

Is cylinder 1 on 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse 4-cylinder on the right or left side of car?

under the hood of the car

Can a 6-cylinder car jump a 4 cylinder car?

Yes, why not as long as the both 12 volt what's the problem.

How many cylinder head gaskets are in a 6-cylinder car?


What all does a master cylinder control on a car?

just the slave cylinder, for your brakes.

How many kilometers can you travel on 1 liter of fuel Volvo car 2 cylinder engine?

There is no Volvo car with a two cylinder engine.

Does a 6 cylinder mean you have a faster car?

No a six cylinder does not in anyway mean that you have a faster car. How fast a car is has far too many variables to state that the number of cylinder would be the determining factor. the only way that six cylinders might possibly mean a faster car would be if the motor were by the same manufacturer in the same year and model automobile. Such as if six cylinder were an option as opposed to a four cylinder in say a 2001 ford mustang. Off the line production model would yes be a faster car than the four cylinder, but not faster than the eight cylinder. However after market modifications to the motor could cause a four cylinder to be faster than the six cylinder or the six to be faster than the eight. The most influential factors in determining a faster car would be the horsepower to weight and gear ratios.

What all does the heaters master cylinder control in a car?

a heater does not have a master cylinder; 'master cylinder' goes with assisted braking.

Can you start a car without an ignition cylinder?

No, the ignition is what starts the car.

How many cylinder used in commercial car?

Could be 4, 6 or 8 cylinder.

Is a delorean a 4 cylinder car?

No. The Delorean DMC-12 had a six cylinder engine.

Are 4 cylinder cars gas savers?

a 4 cylinder car is not a gas saver

What is 6 cylinder on car?

in the engin

How to replace trunk key cylinder 1982 Lincoln?

You do not need to replace the cylinder you need to replace the whole car around it and sell me the whole car (that was around you good working cylinder) for 2 bucks

What car has a 4 cylinder 24 valve engine?

No 4 cylinder car has 24 valves. Only 16. A V6 has 24 valves -reply- no your wrong.. the 2010 Mazda 3 is a 4 cylinder inline engine with 24 valves

What car part did Jacob Black need to finish his car?

Master cylinder

Can a battery from a V8 car be used in a 4 cylinder car?

Possibly. Depends on the specific battery.

What is the best four cylinder car?

The Campagna T-Rex!! Boss car!

What is the gas mileage on a 4 cyliner car?

Depends on the particular car that 4 cylinder is installed in. Suffice to say, a 4 cylinder is normally installed in a smaller car than say a V8. That being the fact, the 4 cylinder car will almost always get better mileage than the larger engine due the fact it is pulling less weight.

How many ignition coils does a car have?

It depends upon cylinder in car. 3 ignition coils - 3 cylinder engine. 4 ignition coils- 4 cylinder engine.

When going up hill your car makes a humming noise and will not speed up?

Sounds like you have an older 4 cylinder car. I had a Pontiac 2000 4 cylinder that did that.

Can a car run with cracked cylinder head?