What is a cardinary set?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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There is no such word as "cardinary" so it is not possible to answer the questions.

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Q: What is a cardinary set?
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What does cardinary set mean?

maly ko kaya nga ako ng search...

What is the set of every set?

the set of every set is that set

What is a mull set?

'Mull Set' . I think you mean 'NULL SET'. This means a set with no elements, or an empty set.

What is the noun for the collective noun set?

The noun 'set' is a standard collective noun for:a set of bowlsa set of cutlerya set of dishesa set of golf clubsa set of knivesa set of mathematiciansa set of oystersa set of sailsa set of tires

A set that contains no elements is called an set or a set?

Empty set or null set

Is empty set a set and how?

empty set is a set because its name indicate as it is the set.

Why empty set is a set?

The concept of closure: If A and B are sets the intersection of sets is a set. Then if the intersection of two sets is a set and that set could be empty but still a set. The same for union, a set A union set Null is a set by closure,and is the set A.

What is a set that is contained in a larger set?

The set contained in another set is termed as a sub-set.

What is the meaning of null set?

A null set is a set that does not contain any elements, an empty set.

Is it right saying that the null set is not equal to the set containing null set as its only element?

A null set is a set with nothing in it. A set containing a null set is still containing a "null set". Therefore it is right to say that the null set is not the same as a set containing only the null set.

What is the collective noun for china?

The collective noun for the noun china is a set of china.

Prove that the boundary of a set is involved in that set only when this set is a closed set?

That is the definition of a closed set.