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One is.

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Q: What is a common factor of 19 powers of 23 plus 19 powers of 19 and 23 powers of 23 plu?
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What are some words that start with plu?

plus plum plucky plunder Pluto

What is the definition of the prefix plu?

the prefix plu means more

What is the difference between the PLU and SKU?

what is the difference between plu and sku

What words are spelled the same in french but pounced different?

"Plus" pronounced pluss means more, "plus" pronounced plu means anymore

How do you say ca va a plu in English?

ça va ! à plus. I'm okay, see you later.

What does PLU mean?

Pacific Lutheran University In root words, plu means, "more."

What is the past participle for pleuvoir?

"plu". Example: "il a plu ce matin" (it rained this morning)

Where is Andrew Whitney?

he goes to PLU.

Words with plu?

plum or plump

What does plu mean on a cash register?

Price Look-Up codes, commonly called PLU codes, PLU numbers or PLUs, are identification numbers affixed to produce and other products in supermarkets to make check-out and inventory control easier, faster, and more accurate. The code is normally a four or five-digit number and works like an abbreviated bar code but manually entered.

What nickname fits Pluto?

Pluey, pluplu,toto, plutzy,plu...plootey, plooty tooty plue love,plu-oo

What does PLU stand for in retail stores?

Though it can stand for different things, PLU typically stands for "price look up" in the retail sense.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ne Plu Pikniko - 1989?

The cast of Ne Plu Pikniko - 1989 includes: Joan Bechtel as The substitute

Where can you get plus sized columbia jackets?

There are many places to get plus sized Columbia Jackets. Macys carries that brand and they also have a plus size section. Dicks sporting Goods also carries that brand in plu sizes. The Columbia website does as well.

What is the same as top or cover 3 letters?


What is lightpen?

,l.'. 'l;l ;i.k;uilk[plu;jlghkjklgjkhyg

How do you graph and solve fx 2x plu 1 over x squared minus 2x minus 8?

first of all, what is a plu? but the answer is (-8)+f+1/x sqared by the way, what grade are you in?

How do you say in french It never rains?

il ne jamais plu pas

What does PLU mean in a retail context?

It means price look-up code.

How is hair written in afrikaans?

Haar (for a single strand of hair) or Hare (plu.)

What is 'A-t-il plu' when translated from French to English?

"Did it rain?" and "Was it pleasing?" are English equivalents of the French phrase A-t-il plu? Context makes clear which interpretation suits. The pronunciation will be "a-teel plyoo" in French.

What are the ADA height requirements?

Its the height required on fixtures for handicap people. I'm a plu

He PLU Product Look-up Code for organic vegetables begins with what number?


How do you say you are the most beautiful girl in french?

vous ete le plu belle filles

How do you say it rained all weekend in french?

'il a plu tout le week-end'