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Q: What is a crescent in geometric terms?
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What are some geometric terms that begin with letter R?

Right angle and rectangle are geometric terms.

What are the basic geometric terms?


What is an arithmetic-geometric mean?

An arithmetic-geometric mean is a mean of two numbers which is the common limit of a pair of sequences, whose terms are defined by taking the arithmetic and geometric means of the previous pair of terms.

Which of these geometric terms is named by its endpointsplaneraypointsegment?


What are geometric terms that start with w?


What is a rainbow in geometric terms?

Described in terms of its geometry, a rainbow is an arc of a circle.

What does geomeric probability mean?

Geometric probabilities are those that are either given in terms of geometric entities or can be computed in terms of geometric entities.For example, the probability that the ball tossed onto a moving roulette wheel coming up '00' could be considered a geometric probability.

Why is undefined terms in geometric is called undefined?

they are not defined

What are some geometric terms that start with a?

· acute angle

What does AAS mean in geometric terms?

just be quiet

Do the terms of a geometric sequence increase as it proceeds?


Which geometric terms is named by its endpoints?

It is a line segment