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a whole number negative or positive

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Q: What is a definition for integers in algebra?
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What is binomial in algebra?

A number consisting of 2 integers

What does a semi colon mean in algebra?

It's used to separate integers.

Is there any words relating math and algebra start with lette i?


When solving an algebra question with integers can the answer be a decimal?

Yes, or it can be a fraction as well.

What is a definition of college algebra?

There is none because different colleges teach different topics in Algebra.

How often are whole numbers integers?

Always. By definition the Integers are the whole numbers; and the whole numbers are the integers.

A ration of 2 integers where the denominator 0?

A ration with 2 integers and has a denominator of 0 would be called rational numbers. This is taught in algebra.

What is composite numbers in algebra?

Composite numbers are integers that have more than two factors.

What is the definition of 24 and 108?

They are two integers.

What is the definition of adding and subtracting integers?

adding and subtracting integers is when you add and minus 2 numbers

What is the definition of set in college algebra?

COLLECTION OF something!?

What is the definition of relation in algebra 1?

x axis

What is math definition of general pattern?

algebra an hfhf

What does it integers mean in algebra?

Counting numbers are 1,2,3.... If you include 0 and the opposites .... -3,-2,-1, 0,1,2,3 .... this creates the integers. Integers do not include decimals or fractions.

Algebra with pizzazz pg 17 adding or multiplying integers?


What is a definition for adding integers?

i done now can you answerer

Definition of a set in algebra?

a set is defined as a collection of objects. In algebra, it is usually a collection of numbers and often a collection of solutions.

Definition of sets in college algebra?

A set is a collection of objects.

What is the definition of dissimilar term in algebra?

Number that have dissimilar variables

Is the sum of integers always an integer?

Yes, by definition, the sum of two integers is always an integer. Likewise, the product and difference of two integers is always an integer.

What is the definition negative integers?

These are integers that are less than 0. Counting backwards, they are -1, -2, -3, -4 etc. They are the additive inverses of the positive integers.

Why 0 not be considered as natural number?

Depending on the definition of the words "natural numbers", the natural numbers are either, "the set of positive integers", that is, integers from 1 upwards, or "the set of non-negative integers", that is, integers from 0 upwards.Therefore, 0 can be included as one of the natural numbers, depending on your definition.

Are all integers greater than zero are whole numbers?

Yes, by definition all positive integers are whole numbers.

What is an algebraic definition of subtraction?

it is considered, to be the: "Inverse," in algebra!(:

What is the definition of pre-algebra?

If a=b and b=c then a must = c