What is a discount code?

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a discount code is a code that gives u money off things ?!

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Q: What is a discount code?
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What is a discount code for Firestar Toys?

A discount code is something that allows you to get discounts on certain items.

What is the discount code for Lernsys Academy?

CLASSTART40 is the discount code. It's supposed to 40% off.

How do you draw a flowchart using case statement?

double discount; // Usually code would be read in char code = 'B' ; switch ( code ) { case 'A': discount = 0.0; break; case 'B': discount = 0.1; break; case 'C': discount = 0.2; break; default: discount = 0.3; } System.out.println ( "discount is: " + discount );

What is a discount coupon code?

It is a code or instrument which gives you discount on shopping. Stores offer these discount coupon codes to facilitate their customers and to increase their sale. For example if a product have a price of $100 and you have a 10% discount coupon code for that product so when you use it you will pay $90 for it. Discount coupon code is redeemed online. On merchant's site, there is a box called 'coupon code' where shopper can enter the code to get desired discount at the time of checkout. Thank you

Discount coupon for The Israel Conference?

$30 discount with this code - Magic53

What is a discount code for


What is the discount code on a credit card?

a discount code is not found on a credit card... i am guessing you saw this 'discount code' from a website that you were trying to buy something from... the discount code would be found on a coupon from this store. ex. if you received a coupon from walmart... you could go onto, put in your credit card information, and enter the zode from the coupon to receive a discount.

What is a running warehouse team discount code?

The discount code is for a group of people who are part of your sports team of whatnot and if they all go, you get a large discount for all the stuff you buy.

Does anyone have a discount code for m and m direct?

Best site for m and m direct discount code is couponrefund and retailmenot.

What is a discount code for Rock of Ages on Broadway?

Discount code for Broadways "Rock of Ages" 2016 is: 40AFF1. Copy and paste at checkout.

What are code discounts And do they actually have good deals?

Code discounts are what you use when getting an extra discount off of something that you are purchasing. For instance, if you shop for a rental car online, you can put in a coupon code and get an additional discount. Well, the deals are already there but the code gives you an extra discount.

What is the IBAN code for Bank Discount in Israel?

There is no IBAN code for the Israel Discount Bank. The swift code for the branch in Haifa is IDBLILITHAI, in Jerusalem it is IDBLILITJLM and in the Tel Aviv branch it is IDBLILITXXX.

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