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It could refer to a member of a set.

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Q: What is a element in mathematics?
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What are the element of mathematics problem?

what are the element of mathematics

What is an element math?

In mathematics, an element usually refers to a member of a set.

What does a backwards 3 mean in mathematics?

Do you mean this symbol ∈ (or backwards 3) if so, it means is an element of; Also, ∉ (with strikethrough) (or backwards 3 with strikethrough) is the symbol for "is not an element of" used in set membership. See also Element (mathematics) and Set (mathematics)

Is addition one of elements of mathematics?

No, it is an operation, not an element.

10 letter word for element of mathematics?


What did Enrico Fermi studied?

Physics, but also with a strong element of mathematics

What has the author Gianni Comini written?

Gianni Comini has written: 'Finite element analysis in heat transfer' -- subject(s): Transmission, Mathematics, Heat, Finite element method

Why is 0 not a identity element for multiplication?

An Identity element in multiplication is one that when you multiply a value by the identity element, that the original value is returned. The only identity element in multiplication is 1. If you multiply any value (other than infinity which is a special case of mathematics), the value returned will be 0. The identity element for addition is 0.

What has the author Bruce Irons written?

Bruce Irons has written: 'Numerical methods in engineering and applied science' -- subject(s): Engineering mathematics 'Techniques of finite elements' -- subject(s): Engineering mathematics, Finite element method

What is the definition of set and element?

In Mathematics, a set is a collection of distinct entities regarded as a unit, being either individually specified or (more usually) satisfying specified conditions. An element is an entity that is a single member of a set.

What is a dependable variable?

Dependable variable is a term used in mathematics. Essentially, it is an element that changes it's value depending on the values of other elements.

What are the properties of the law of closure in mathematics?

Given any elements x and y in a set and @ a binary operator, x @ y is also an element of the set.