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Equivalent fractions are fractions that have the same value.For example:3/15= 2/10= 1/5

The fractions below are all equivalent.

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Q: What is a equivalent ratios?
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What are equivlent ratios?

when a number of ratios give the same answer after solving the ratios the ratios are said to be equivalent ratios

What are ratios that have same value?

Equivalent ratios.

What are ratios that are equal?

They are called equivalent ratios.

Two ratios that are equivalent are said to be in what?

Two ratios that are equivalent are said to be in proportion

What is two ratios that are equivalent?

Two ratios are the equivalent when their simplified forms are identical.

Are the ratios 13:12 and 6:4 equivalent?


How to explain making equivalent ratios?

Equivalent ratios are ratios that represent different numbers but the relationship between the numbers is same.

What is the Equivalent ratios for 3 to 3 12?

What are 2 ratios that are equivalent to 3:12?

What are the ratios that name the same comparison?

Equivalent Ratios

What is equivalent ratios mean?

ratios that r the same

What it means when two ratios are equal?

They are equivalent ratios

When two ratios have the same value?

When they are equivalent ratios.

How do you write ratios and equivalent ratios?

i dont know

How to create equivalent ratios?

Ratios are used to compare numbers. When you're working with ratios, it's sometimes easier to work with an equivalent ratio.

How are equivalent ratios are like equivalent fractions?

Yes. In fact, fractions can be thought of as vertical ratios.

What ratios are different ratios that name the same comparison?

equivalent ratios are different ratios that name the same comparison

What does equivalent ratios mean?

Ratios that name the same comparisons

Ratios whose fraction representation are equivalent?

similar ratios

When two ratios are equal what are they called?

They are called equivalent ratios.

What are ratios that are equal and simplify to the same ratio?

They are equivalent ratios.

How are your stratagies for writing equivalent ratios the same as or different from writing equivalent fractions?

The strategies for writing equivalent ratios is the same as writing equivalent fractions.

Are two ratios always equal to each other?

No but the equal ratios are called Equivalent Ratios.

What are two ratios equivalent for 3 to 11?

30/110 and 3030/1111 are two equivalent ratios.

What is the equivalent ratios of 3 and four?

30 : 40 and 33 : 44 are two possible equivalent ratios.

Are 8 to 4 and 12 to 8 an equivalent ratios?

No, they are not equivalent ratios. To make them equivalent, The second one should be 16 to 8.