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Non terminating decimal - 1.66666666666666666.....

Terminating decimal - 1.75

The first number is non-terminating but is NOT non-repeating. An example of a non-terminating non-repeating number would be Pi. It goes on forever and never repeats itself.


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Q: What is a example of a non-terminating and repeating decimal?
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What is nonterminating and not repeating decimal?

It is an infinite non-repeating decimal which represents an irrational number.

What is a non-terminating number?

A nonterminating number does not end. An example is the fraction 1/3. When written as a decimal, it is a nonterminating number. Also pi is a nonterminating number. Some nonterminating numbers are repeating, some are nonrepeating. But they just don't end.

What are the numbers in the smallest group of repeating digits when 4111 is converted to a nonterminating decimal?

4111 is an integer and so there is no sensible way to convert it into a repeating decimal.

What is an example of a repeating decimal?

A repeating decimal is just a decimal that repeats. An example would be 6.575757... Repeating decimals are infinite.

What real number is nonterminating and a nonrepeating decimal?

The only real number that is non-terminating and non-repeating is Pi (pie)

Is 7.1234 is a rational number?


What is non-repeating decimal?

A non-repeating decimal is a decimal that never repeats itself. For example, pi is a non-repeating decimal.

What is a example of a terminating and repeating decimal?

Okay. This If You Are Looking For A Example Of Terminating And Repeating Decimal You Came To The Right Place :] Example For Terminating Decimal 1/7= 0.142857 Example For Repeating Decimal 1/3= 0.33..

What is the definition for a non terminating decimal?

Nonterminating Decimal: A decimal that continues without end.For example:The square root of 2 = 1.414213562… Therefore, the square root of 2 is a nonterminating decimal.

How to write a repeating decimal?

for example if the decimal is 6.6 then to make it a repeating decimal you have to write it with a line on top of the .6 thats repeating

What is a nonrepeating nonterminating decimal rational or irrational?

They are irrational.

What can be a number that can be expressed as a nonrepeating nonterminating decimal?

an irrational number

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