What is a example of unit rate?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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meters grams



m is meters the unit rate for measuring the unit rate is like the middle value

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Q: What is a example of unit rate?
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What is an example of unit rate?

it is a denominator of 1 unit

What is a unit rate?

A unit rate has a denominator of 1 unit.or for an example.. 8 over 1 is a unit rate or 5 over 1 but you have to label what it is....

What does a unit rate look like?

here is an example: 2 to 5

Why is the speed limit on a highway an example of a unit rate?

Please help me I need help on this

What does the unit rate help you find?

The unit rate shows how much per 1 item something is or costs.For example: Suzanne has 12 brownies. They total cost $12.84. What is the unit price?12.84/12=$1.07Therefore, $1.07 is the unit price/rate

An example of a unit rate?

I normally walk at 6 km per hour.

What is a rate that's in which the second quantity in the comparison is one unit?

It is a unit rate.A unit rate.

How do you find out the rate unit to a math question?

The unit for a rate is the unit for the numerator divided by the unit for the denominator. For example, speed = distance divided by time. If distance is measured in micrometres and time in hours, then the units for speed are micrometres per hour.

What do you do if an unit rate has a remainder?

A unit rate cannot have a remainder. A unit rate is a ration that has the unit as one and the rate has to be equal. If not, you either did a calculation mistake or the ratio is not a unit rate.

Can a unit rate be a rate?

Yes, a unit rate can be a decimal

What rate has a denominator of one unit?

It is one form of a unit rate.

What is unit rate of change?

The unit of rate of change is whatever it is that is changing, divided by time units. For example, if you measure rate of change of dollars in your bank account, you would have something like dollars / month; for acceleration, the unit commonly used is (meters / second) / second, etc.