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Q: What is a formula in ICT?
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What is a definition of a formula in ict?

a formula is a formula <3 simples!

What is an ict formula?

an ict formula is something that can caluculate a sum faster than usuall, it will work out the sum ,, and the software that is used is Microsoft excel.

What does address mean in ict?

it means where a formula or number is in a exel file.

What is the average and minimin formula in ict?

please could you tell me the what the minimum formula is and the average in i.c.t thank you .by XzinahX

What does formula mean in ICT?

it means when you go to a data and finding the total of the coast

What does situ mean in ICT terms?

what does * mean in ict what does * mean in ict

What is the diffference between ict and ict's?

It has a "S"

What is ict in french?

the same as in english: ict =)

Is ict an acronym or an abbreviation?

ICT is an acronym

What is different between IT and ICT?

there is no c in ict

What does slides mean in ict?

what does slide mean in ict

Application of ict in sport?

application of ict in sport?

What are the limitations of ICT?

Limitations of the use of ICT in the TTHsector

How do you say ict in french?

ICT in french is informatique .

The impact of ict on sport?

the inpact of ict on sport

Why is it important to study ICT?

why is it important study ICT

Is refrigerator is an ICT tool?

Yes is an ict tool

Application of ict in sports?

application of ict in sport?

Do you need an ict gcse to take on an ict a-level?

No you don't because you can only do AS ICT which doesn't effect whether or not you can take Computing (ICT) at A-level in Sixth Form

Is a microwave oven an ict tool?

a microwave oven is an ict tool as there are ict used in the production of it and in the way it works.

What is the motto of RRLS ICT Academy?

The motto of RRLS ICT Academy is 'Leading you to greater heights in ICT education'.

What are the advantages of using ict for a leaflet?

advantages of using ICT

What is ICT in education?

ICT means Infomation Comunication Technology

How has ict affected shopping?

i want to no the answer to how has ict affected shopping

What is the fullform of ICT?

ICT stands for information and communication technology.