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1/3 = 4/12

1/2 = 6/12

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Q: What is a fraction between the given fractions 1 over 3 and 1 over 2?
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What is 1 over 15 as improper fractions?

1/15 is a proper fraction. Proper fractions can't become improper fractions. It wouldn't be proper.

What is 9 percent expressed as a fraction?

9/100. Percents can be turned into fractions by placing the given number over 100

How do you find fractions between fractions 7 over 10 and 8 over 10?

Answer: 7/10 is the same as 14/20 and 8/10 is the same as 16/20 So the fraction between them is 15/20 which can be reduced to 3/4 Answer: In general, calculating the average between two fractions gives you a fraction that is between the two.

Is four over seven a benchmark fraction?

no because only 1, 0, and a half are benchmark fractions other fractions fall between those numbers

What is the simplified fraction of 56 over 28?

Look for common fractions between the two numbers. Then divide both numbers by such a common fraction. Repeat, just in case you didn't get the largest common fraction, until you can find no more common fractions.

What is 40 over 48 as an improper fraction?

40/48 is a proper fraction. Proper fractions can't be improper fractions; it wouldn't be proper.

What is 7 over 6 as a proper fraction?

7/6 is an improper fraction. Improper fractions can't be proper fractions. It wouldn't be proper.

What is 12 over 5 as a proper fraction?

Improper fractions cannot become proper fractions.

What fraction is in between 1 over 3 and 2 over 3?

Between 1/3 and 2/3 there are many other fractions; an example would be 1/2.

What is 8 over 3 in fractions?

8/3 is a fraction.

What is 4 over 5 as an improper fraction?

4/5 is a proper fraction. Proper fractions can't become improper fractions; it wouldn't be proper.

What are two equivalent fractions to the fraction 208 What are 2 equivalent fractions to 20 over 8 the fraction?

200/8 and 2020/808 are two examples.

How many fractions are there between 1 over 4 and 1 over 2?

There is an infinite number of fractions for those numbers. However in simplest form it is 1/4 and 1/2 but you can multiply the numerator and denominator by any number to get an equivalent fraction. If you just need to list a certain number of these fractions you could multiply the top and the bottom times two to get an equivalent fraction and do it however many times you need fractions.

What is 31 over 5 as a proper fraction?

Improper fractions and proper fractions are mutually exclusive; one can't be the other.

What is the probability that you will get a fraction greater the 316 over 17?

The answer depends on what population of fractions you have in mind. If considering all fractions, the answer is 1.

How do you do division of fractions?

To divide one fraction by another fraction,flip the second one over and multiply them.

How do you convert fractions to fractions?

Well if they are already a fraction you do not need to convert them to a fraction. If you mean "How do you convert fractions to decimals" then I can help you there. If you have a fraction you want to make a decimal you simply divide. The little bar in the fraction means "divide" So if you have 3 over 4, you simply divide 3 by 4 which equals .75.

What are fractions such as 2 over 3 and 8 over 2 called?

2/3 is a proper fraction.8/2 is an improper fraction.

What fraction is same 2 over 4?

One way to get the equivalent fractions is to multiply the given fraction by 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, ...the equivalent fractions of 2/4 = 4/8 ,6/12, 8/16,...

What are the equivalent fractions to four over fifteen?

There are infinitely many equivalent fractions. Multiply the numerator (top) and the denominator (bottom) of the fraction by any non-zero number. You will have an equivalent fraction.

Which fractions is not equivalent to fraction 1 over 3?

-2/3 is not equivalent.

What does 3 equal in fractions?

Three in fraction form is three over one.

Is 18 over 60 an equivelent fraction of 3 over 10?

Yes, both fractions are equivalent.

What is the equivalent fraction of 4 over 5?

4 over 5 has infinite equivalent fractions, just like any fraction. The first one is 8 over 10.

Is there equivalent fractions for 6 over 36?

The only equivalent fraction I can think of is a fraction in simplest form, which is 1/6.

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