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1.The Geometric mean is less then the arithmetic mean.



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Geometric means of 2,3,4 is the question
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Answer is 2โˆš3s โˆšre 3
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Q: What is a geometric property?
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Is elevation an example of a geometric property of a land parcel?


Can algebraic property be used to justify a statement in a geometric proof?


Why is there no addition property of congruence?

Because you can't add geometric figures.

What property makes liquid crystals ususual?

Retains geometric shape

Give a geometric example of the Symmetric Property?

If E &cong; B, then B &cong; E

What is geometric damping?

Geometric damping is also called radiation damping. It is defined as energy radiation into a surrounding medium. Damping is defined as energy dissipation property of structures and materials that are put through time-variable loading.

Is Fibonacci arithmetic or geometric?


What is an object's center of gravity?

The center of gravity is a geometric property of any object. The center of gravity is the average location of the weight of an object.^_^

What is the geometric number of 5 and 320?

If, by geometric number (?) you mean geometric mean, then the answer is 40.

What do you call a geometric painting?

A geometric painting

What are some examples of geometric?

There aren't any. Geometric is an adjective and you need a noun to go with it before it is possible to consider answering the question. There are geometric sequences, geometric means, geometric theories, geometric shapes. I cannot guess what your question is about.

What is the perimeter of a triangle in decimal form?

The perimeter of a triangle is a geometric property. The value can be expressed in decimal or binary form, or in any other base.

How is semaphores and perimeter same?

They are not. Semaphore is a method of sending signals by using flags or lights whereas perimeter is a geometric property of closed shapes!

What is a non-geometric?

Algebraic is non-geometric.

What are the geometric shapes of a bicycle?

geometric shapes on a bike

Is the sum of two geometric sequence a geometric sequence?


What is the geometric name of a rhombus?

Rhombus is the geometric name.

Is a cone a geometric solid or a polyhedron?

geometric solid

Why geometric distribution only have a memory less property?

This is the only discrete distribution that is memoryless. (In the continuous case the exponential is memoryless.) It's the only one to have this property because it is the only one to count independent trials.

What is a geometric echo?

Geometric echo is a repeating shape in a pattern. The stars on the US flag is a geometric echo.

What makes a molecule polar or nonpolar?

A nonpolar molecule is one where the charges of the various electrons balance each other out by geometric symmetry.Polar molecules do not have this property.

Can a form be geometric?

That all depends on what you mean by "form". If you are referring to "shape", then yes it can be geometric. For instance, a triangle is geometric.

Four advantage of geometric mean?

advantages of geometric mean

What is a good sentence with geometric?

I love things dealing with geometric in it.

What geometric shape is a tepee?

The geometric shape of a tepee is a cone :)