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It is all about personal preferrence and what type of college you plan to attend. As long as you work hard, and give it your all, you should get a good grade. Colleges will look at your overall GPA, but if you truly a major course such as trigonometry, your chances may be hurt.


It depends on the course and what your definition of "good" is. For a typical school course in the United States, strive for a 90% (A) or better.

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Q: What is a good grade in trigonometry?
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What year of high school is trigonometry usually taken?

there is an introat the end of grade ten but there is a real unit in grade eleven trigonometry is usaully taken during geometry and parts of pre/calculus. Its about 10th and/or 11th grade!

What grade do you learn trigonometry?

It depends. Between 9th to 12th.

Why is trigonometry recommended?

It's good for robotics and computers. If you're good at trigonometry then you can figure out the navigation.

I am looking for a good math book?

Try to be more specific. Do you want a math book for first grade math? For 12th. grade? Do you want to study more advanced topics, like trigonometry, calculus, etc.?

In A Separate Peace what grade did Gene get on his Trigonometry test?

Im pretty sure he flunked it

What is tenth grade math called?

Geometry? Trigonometry/Algeba II? One of those.

What grade level is trigonometry?

I was wondering if you knew but I think sophomore or junior. I was two grade levels ahead in math so I don't know for sure.

What are the 2 branches of trigonometry?

plane trigonometry spherical trigonometry

What type of math do you take in 12 th grade?

In a typical public school, trigonometry. Accelerated classes will take calculus.

What are the kinds of trigonometry?

The main kinds are plane trigonometry and solid trigonometry. The latter will include trigonometry in hyper-spaces.

What grade is calculus taught?

Calculus is usually taught two years after Algebra two. Between Algebra two and Calculus is Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus. We teach it in A Texas school at grade 12.

What are vertices 1st grade math?

EdgesGeometric vertices are the corners of mathematical objects such as cubes.In trigonometry, vertices are the corners of an angle.

Who is the father of trigonometry?

Hipparchus is the father of trigonometry.

What is the abbreviation or full form of trigonometry?


How is trigonometry applied?

Trigonometry is applied in construction and building, as trigonometry measures right angled triangles.

What is the definition of plane trigonometry?

Plane trigonometry is trigonometry carried out in (on) a plane. This could be contrasted with spherical trigonometry, which is trigonometry carried out on the surface of a sphere. Certainly there are some other more complex forms of trig.

Is 92 a good grade?

I got 92 for my maths test, and it is worth an A so indeed it is a good grade

What is a sentence using the word trigonometry?

I can give you several sentences.I have to take trigonometry next year.Trigonometry relates to triangles.I never did understand how to do that trigonometry problem.

What are the two types of trigonometry?

Trigonometry based on a unit circle and radians and trigonometry based on a right triangle.

What is the difference between plane trigonometry and spherical trigonometry?

Trigonometry is the study of plane and spherical triangles. Plane trigonometry deals with 2 Dimensional triangles like the ones you would draw on a piece of paper. But, spherical trigonometry deals with circles and 3 Dimensional triangles. Plane trigonometry uses different numbers and equations than spherical trigonometry. There's plane trigonometry, where you work with triangles on a flat surface, then there's spherical trigonometry, where you work with triangles on a sphere.

Daily uses of trigonometry?

trigonometry is very imr

Why is trigonometry important in accounting?

Trigonometry is not important ever

How can trigonometry be useful in metallurgy?

how can trigonometry use in metallurgy

What is .8660 in trigonometry?

It is a number - in trigonometry or elsewhere.

What subject includes trigonometry?

The subject of trigonometry is in geometry.