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Who Wants to be a Millionaire or Are You Smarter Than the Fractions?

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Q: What is a good title for a math project about fractions?
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What is a good 8th grade edible math project?

Dividing a cake to make fractions

How do you make a math investigatory project title?

You can make your title for your Math Investigatory project Êbased on your main point of investigation or simply what question you are trying to answer. Using your question for a title is always the best answer.

What is a good song you can use for your math project?

My math teacher taught me a song for turning mixed numbers into improper fractions. It goes like this "Go down, Swing around, Keep the bottom number."

Can you use fractions rather than math?

I am not sure at what you are getting at, but fractions are a math component.

What comes in ten?

haah are you doing the math project on fractions too? Craig L Gang Rape!

Can Michael Jackson do math?

Yes. He was really good at doing fractions and algebra

What school subject is fractions related to?

Math is related to fractions. if you look in a math book or just online then one of the math topics is fractions. You learn how to divide, multiply, add and subtract, simplify and more about fractions and what to do with them.

How are fractions related to math?

fractions are parts of a number

What is math about?

math is about mathamaics like fractions and factors.

I am doing a math project and your supposed to make a board game and I can't think of a name the theme is fractions does anybody have a suggestion?

Divide and Conquer

What is fractions-?

Fractions is a table of content. This is used mostly in math.

What do you use fractions in?


What fractions that represents the same part of the whole in math?

equivalent fractions

What is the definition of equivalent fractions in math terms?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that are the same amount but they have different numbers.

Do you have any ideas for a math fair project?

Yes, I have several good ones.

Where can I get math practice worksheets for mutiplying fractions?

Homeschoolmath has tons of free math sheets that can be printed for classroom use. They have certain ones for fractions alone as well as others for math.

Where are fractions usually found?


What are some good Math project ideas?

good math projects include finding the square root of 69, the dymnamics of 10 and its multiples, and defining what 11 means.

How is math used in math?

math is used to show people the different ways math can be used such as fractions or decimals you name it

What jobs use converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions?

A math teacher or a mathematician.

1 goes in to 4 math?


How you do mental math with fractions and percents?


Why do student like math?

Other people have different opinions on whether they like math or not. Maybe they like it because they are good at working on equations and fractions. Remember, everyone is different! I do not enjoy math but you might have a different opinion on it! :)

Project in math any gingle related math?


Math project in topic math in kitchen?

measure saucepans?