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A job. Most jobs will use these some time or another.

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Q: What is a job that uses fractions decimals or percents on the job called?
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What are everyday uses of fractions decimals and percents?

Decimals: Blood alcohol level, making change, Fractions: Musical time signatures, slicing pizza. Converting a big recipe into a smaller recipe. Percent: Sales tax. Interest on credit cards.

What is the uses of word 'whole'?

The entire amount. Used in math as in, whole numbers, no decimals or fractions. Unijured body.

What is a calculater used for?

A calculator is used for adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, decimals, or fractions and is also used for a lot of other uses too.

What are two uses of integers?

You can use them for counting, which is in fact addition. You can also use them for subtracion. Integers are natural numbers. This means you don't use decimals or fractions.

What is the use of decimals?

it is just a shorter way of saying fractions.

How you use decimals in your daily lives?

money uses decimals

How do you write a book about percentages and fractions and decimals?

start by defining what each is. Then show how to convert from one to the other. Then write some examples of uses for each and how to convert from one to the other.

What is a number that uses place value and a decimal point to show amounts that are less than one such as tenths called?

Fractions or decimal fractions.

What are everyday uses of decimals?


Everyday uses of decimals?

while calculating on a calculator !

What are some examples of everyday uses of decimals?


How do the fractions properties relate to their uses?

The answer will depend on which of the many properties of fractions you are referring to.