What is a kites use?

Updated: 11/2/2022
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a kite used to be used to determine wind direction and wind speed. today, kites are used for entertainment purposes.

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Q: What is a kites use?
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How do you use kites?

We use kites to enjoy ourselves and just to have some fun

What technologies do later 20th century kites use?

what technologies do later 2oth century kites use

What equiptment do windsurfers use?

They use kites dummy

Is the kites still use by the chinse today?

Yes,kites are still used by Chinese till this day.

What do people use kites for?

Most people use kites to fly them in the air as a hobby. They have also been used in wars to signal attacks.

How did the use of kites change over time?

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How do ecuadorians use kites?

to eat food

How are the kites the same?

Kites are not always triangular, for instance, a box kite. Many kites are quite elaborate in design. The only sameness is that all kites are attached to a long string, and makes use of wind to stay aloft.

Sail boats and kites use what kind of energy?

Wind motion is the type of energy used by kites and sailboats.

Why do you still use kites today?

Kites are still used today because of the fun and excitement it brings to people.

Why did scientists of the 1800's use kites to collect data?

they used kites to find use full data like ben franklen used it to invent a ton of stuff.

What is the singular possessive form of kites?