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Linear means in a line. Therefore, one linear foot is just 12 inches measured along a straight line.

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Q: What is a linear foot measurement?
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How many feet are in 170 square feet?

The foot is a linear measurement. You cannot convert a linear measurement to an area measurement.

How much is 6 linear foot in square foot?

Linear is a straight line measurement and square feet requires a length and width.

What is the difference between Lineal Foot and Linear foot?

Lineal foot can be measured on the ground. It is related to an actual measurement. Linear foot is a distance not necessarily measured along the ground. Also linear foot can refer to board feet.

How many lineal feet equal 1 foot?

Linear feet and feet are the same measurement. Therefore, 1 foot is equal to 1 linear foot.

Square foot vs linear foot?

The difference between linear feet and square foot are that they are different types of measurements. The linear foot is a length measurement equal to 12 inches, and a square foot is related to the surface area of an object.

What is the decimal equivalent of the linear foot measurement notation 12 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

Converting a linear foot to decimal makes no difference.

How do you convert linear inches into feet?

12 "linear" inches is one foot. The inch is a linear measurement, so the adjective is unnecessary.

What does 8 foot x 21 inches equals in linear feet?

A measurement of area is impossible to convert into a linear measurement. The two units are therefore incompatible.

1 square foot is equal to how many feet?

Square foot is a measurement of area, feet are a linear measurement They cannot be converted

Is foot a thing or a place?

The word 'foot' is a word for a body part or a linear measurement, a word for a thing.

How do you figure lineal foot?

The word LINEAL refers to ancestry or heredity. The correct term for measurement is LINEAR. One (1) linear foot equals 12".

What unit is a ft in?

Linear. Inch, foot .yard etc Units of measurement.

How do you figure a Lineal Foot?

A lineal foot refers to a "linear" foot, which basically means is a " straight" line measurement of a foot- and a foot equals twelve inches.

Convert linear feet to metric metric measurement.?

1 foot = 304.8 millimeters

How many square foot is 50 yards?

The units are incompatible square foot is a measure of area yards is a linear measurement

How do you convert rft into sft?

you cannot. RFT = Running Foot - a linear measurement (One dimensional) SFT = Square Foot - Measurement of area (Two dimensional)

What is a linear foot?

A linear foot is a straight-line measurement, rather than a sqare-foot measurement. A 2x4 that is five feet long would be five linear feet. Moreover, since a square is measured by its perimeter, a 5x5 square would be 20 linear feet (5+5+5+5).By comparison, its area would be measured in square rather than in linear feet. Consequently, its area would be 25 square feet (5x5). If the square were cubed, then its area would be 125 cubic feet (5x5x5).Linear foot is a term used to describe a measurement. It basically means something is being measured in one straight line. A linear foot still measures 12 inches.

How many acre is in 6000 ft?

A foot is a linear measurement. An acre is a measurement of area. Your question cannot be answered. Ignorance is bliss, eh?

How many feet in a cu foot?

This compares a linear measurement to a volumetric measurement. A foot is 12 inches and a cubic foot is 12 inches long x 12 inches wide x 12 inches high.

Are board feet and linear feet answers the same?

No they are differant units of measurement. Board feet, is actually a measurement of volume. 1 board foot is the volume of a board 12" wide by 1" thick by 1 foot long. So to calculate board foot you would also need to know the thickness. Whereas linear feet is a measurement of length, equal to 12 inches, in this case. You can also have linear inches, yards, furlongs, etc.

What is the definition of linear measurement?

Linear measurement just means measurement of length in a straight line

What is the British linear measurement?

British linear measurement is feet and inches

How do you calculate lineal foot?

The word "LINEAL" refers to ancestry or heredity. Linear is the correct term for measurement whether it is in feet or inches or meters or millimeters. One linear foot equals 12 inches.

How do you convert board feet to lineal feet?

You can't without the width and thickness of the item - board feet is a volume measurement, linear feet is a linear measurement. 12 board feet are one cubic foot.

What is 50sq foot in feet and iches?

50 Square Feet is an area (two dimensional) measurement and cannot be converted to a linear (one dimensional) measurement.