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Algebraic Equation: A statement using variables and an equal sign. It may or may not have operations.

example: 2(a+100)=5a

Algebraic Expression: A statement using variables that does not include an equal sign. It may or may not have operations.

example: 3a+6-5a

Algebraic Inequality: A statement that uses variables a inequality sign (such as greater than, greater than or equal too, less than, less than or equal too, not equal too). It may or my not have operations.

example: 3+5<6x2

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Q: What is a math problem without an equal sign may have numbers variables and or operation signs?
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How can you accept sum and print numbers without creating variables?

It is very easy. The program begins here..... /*Program to sum and print numbers without creating variables*/ #include&lt;stdio.h&gt; main() { clrscr(); printf("%d+%d=%d",5,2,5+2); getch(); } /*Program ends here*/ Now just by changing the numbers in the "printf" statement we can add, subtract, multiply and divide the numbers without using variables. Hence the problem is solved..........

What is an expression in math?

a collection of symbols that jointly express a quantity

What is a mathematical phrase that contains operations, numbers, and/or variables without equal signs.?

Algebraic expression

Which set of numbers is closed under the operation of division?

There are several; the most well-known are probably the set of rational numbers without zero, the set of real numbers without zero, and the set of complex numbers without zero.

Why is - times - equal?

I don't know what times the x's are so the problem is impossible to solve without 2 variables

What does terms of an expression mean?

An expression is a collection of numbers and variables, along with mathematical operations, but without an equality (or inequality) symbol.

Does a mathematical expression have to have variables?

Yes. Expressions cannot be expressed without variables. There are numerical expressions for ex. 2 + 3 is an expression without variables.

What is the difference between Algebra and calculus?

Algebra must be learned before calculus. Concepts that are learned in algebra are used in calculus, to the extent that a student cannot succeed in calculus unless he knows algebra so well that he does it without thinking.Algebra is the study of constants and variables; that is, it is the study of numbers without knowing specifically what those numbers are.Calculus is the study of rates of change, and is done almost entirely abstractly (without using specific numbers), so it cannot be done without the use of constants and variables (algebra).

What is expressions in maths?

A mathematical expression is a mathematical phrase that consist numbers variables and signs of operation example: x(variable) + 5(number)=7 so the value of x is 2 -Kennethn 10 yrs. old :]

What is the lowest common multiple of A B and C?

A, B and C aren't numbers, they're letters. Probably variables. Without knowing what numbers they represent, we can't calculate their LCM.

Charlie would have been better of without the operation?

I believe that he would have been better without the operation

What are 2 numbers that add up to 2 and multiply to 8?

diamond problem ? :) that would be impossible without any negatives.