What is the factor of ab?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a and b are factors of ab

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Q: What is the factor of ab?
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What is the answer for algebra abc plus ab?

You want: abc + ab Factor out the common terms which are "a" and "b" ab ( c + 1 )

Factor ab - 2ac plus b2 - 2bc?


Factor x squared y - xyb - abx plus ab squared?

Factor by grouping. x2y - xyb - abx + ab2 The first two can factor out an xy, so xy(x - b) The second two can factor out a -ab, so -ab(x - b) and we have xy(x - b) - ab(x - b) Since what is inside the parentheses is alike, we can be assured that we have factored correctly and now continue to group: ANS: (x - b)(xy - ab)

What is the greatest common factor of the products ab ac and bc if b is a factor of c?

The answer depends on whether or not a is a factor of c.

Can AB donate to AB?

No, A person with AB- can receive from O-, A-, B-, or AB-. See chart on related link. A positive Rh factor can receive from a negative, but not the other way around.

What is greatest common factor of ab-bc?

The GCF is b.

Factor completely a2 ab 42b2?

(a - 7b)(a + 6b)

How minus times minus is plus?

Let y= ab+(- a)(b) +(-a)(-b) factor out -a y= ab+(-a){b+(-b)} y=ab+(-a)(0) y =ab -------------------(1) now factor out b y= b{a+(-a)}+(-a)(-b) y= b(0) +(-a)(-b) y= (-a)(-b)-----------------(2) equate (1) and (2) (-a)(-b)=ab minus x minus = positive

What is the GCF of ab plus 3a Greatest Common Factor?

The GCF is a.

What states that if ab 0 then a0 or b0?

the (zero-factor property)

Can a woman who has B positive blood and a man who has AB- blood have a child with AB positive blood?

My understanding is that the blood type and Rh factor are independently inherited, so that all the combinations are possible: B+, B-, AB+, and AB-

Factor X squared y plus axy plus abx plus a squared b?

x2y + axy + abx + a2b Factor by grouping. xy(x + a) + ab(x + a) (xy + ab)(x + a)