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an inequation

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Q: What is a math sentence that compares two expressions using an inequality symbol?
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When a symbol such as greater than or less than is between 2 expressions?

You have an inequality.

How do you solve the inequality x-46?

This isn't an inequality, but a mathematical "expression". In order to have an inequality that can be solved, there must be an inequality symbol between two mathematical expressions. Nancy

When a symbol such as less than or greater than is placed between two expressions what is it called?

its called an inequality

What symbol compares these numbers 3 fourths and 5 sixths?

The inequality symbol which is formed by the / symbol superimposed on the equality symbol. =. Unfortunately, the browser that we are required to use will garble most symbols.

What is A mathematical sentence which contains an inequality symbol and one variable raised to the first power is called a?

It is a linear inequality.

When a symbol such as is placed between two expressions?

when a symbol such as <or> is placed between two expressions

What is the comparison symbol of 4 1?

The inequality symbol.

Do you swap the inequality symbol when its on the right?

No you do not.

What are two expressions with comparison symbols called?

If the "comparison symbol" is the equal sign, it is called an "equation". If the symbol is less than, greater than, less-than-or-equal, or greater-than-or-equal, it's called an "inequality".

When do you reverse the inequality symbol in a two step inequality?

When your teacher comes and your not sure what the answer is.

If you multiply an inequality by a negative number when should you reverse the inequality symbol?


What happens to the inequality symbol when you subtract a negative number?

The inequality symbol doesn't change direction in this case.Note that that is the same as adding a positive number.Note also that if you MULTIPLY or DIVIDE by a negative number, then you need to change the direction of the inequality symbol.

What is the math symbol for is at most?

The inequality symbol for less than or equal to: ≤

Who invented strict inequality symbol?

my dad

When graphing a linear inequality the first step is to replace the inequality symbol with a sign?


What does it mean when less than and greater than are placed between two expressions?

This is used in computer languages (including spreadsheets like Excel) to indicate inequality. If two numbers are not equal, then the first one is either larger or smaller than the second one. This symbol is sometimes used because the standard inequality symbol is not readily available.

When do you reverse the inequality symbol in a two-step inequality?

When multiplying or dividing a negative number or variable.

When graphing a linear inequality the first step is to replace the inequality symbol with what sign?

With the equal sign (=).

How does an inequality symbol act differently than an equal symbol?

An inequality is not a reflexive relationship.

What inequality sign means at least than?

The symbol is <.

When solving an inequality when is it necessary to change the direction of the inequality symbol?

When the two sides of the inequality are multiplied or divided by a negative number or term or expression.

What is an inequality?

a statement that two quantities are unequal, indicated by the symbol I found this at

How do you divide by a negative in an inequality?

You divide as normal BUT you change the direction of the inequality symbol, so that < becomes > and conversely.

When you divide both sides of any inequality by a negative number you need to what the inequality symbol?

Flip it around

What is the inequality of -5x plus 500 100?

It is not possible to answer the question since the inequality symbol cannot be viewed.